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Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant
Quantum Heart Coil Pendant

Quantum Heart Coil Pendant

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Activate Your Personal Healer!

The Quantum Heart is where we find your Personal Healer.  Your Personal Healer is a golden ball of light, or fire, whichever you see or feel it to be.  This is the most recent energetic update to the Quantum Heart Coil, and to our own energy work with clients!

One purpose of this pendant is to integrate all that you are as a soul into wisdom and light.  This is working with your Soul Aspects, which brings more peace into your moments!

The Pendant is grounding and protecting as it transforms electromagnetics and dense energies within your field.

Being in the Heart with this Pendant brings in more consciousness and light than has ever been held in any incarnation as a human.  This comes through a simple breath, and the amount of consciousness and light increases as you release and allow!

The Copper Coil with Copper tube comes with an adjustable leather lanyard, or use it on your favorite lanyard, chain, or even key-ring!

The Silver Coils come with choice of lanyard or 24" silver box chain. 

The Silver/Copper is a limited edition, as we will be moving over to Silver Coil with Silver tube, once supplies are available.

The Silver/Silver coil pendant is created with a .999 silver coil around a Sterling Silver core.  We noted there is a softness quality to this coil, compared to the copper core.  Not good nor bad, simply a subtle quality of energy difference.  All coils hold the same field, so go with what you are drawn to!

The Coils are just under two inches in length, yet are still heavy enough to use as a pendulum!

The coil is made from the Wisdom energetics, which wraps around the Golden Fire energetics of the tube. 

The Quantum Heart Coil carries a similar cocoon-like field as the Wisdom Wands, but the Quantum Heart Coil was created with a different intent than the Wisdom Wands.  The Coil is made to hold a highly transformative and connective space, while the Wands are intended for active use in running energy and creating light columns.  The cocoon field of the Wisdom Wands helped birth the Quantum Heart Coil.

The Quantum Heart Coils are unique in the way they work with Soul Aspects as well as Activating the Personal Healer.

Personal Healer

The Personal Healer is a ball of golden energy that your soul uses to do healing work on you!  Simply be in the Heart, imagine standing back and witnessing yourself with a golden ball of light coming out of your sternum, or heart, or out of the Quantum Heart Coil!  The Coil simply holds the energetic pattern, which your soul then creates!

Next, imagine yourself standing back and simply witnessing your soul doing the work. 
Your perspective is not in the body, and you are not the one directing the energy.  You are standing away from yourself so you can witness your body being worked on by your soul, with this ball of golden light, without you doing anything but being and allowing.

How the Personal Healer was discovered...
I had a distance session with a client, and was trying to find some way to dissolve soul-level belief structures that were no longer serving him.  As I was witnessing the person and their heart and the ego, the soul came in and took this golden ball of light out of my clients sternum and handed it to the ego.  All belief structures through lifetimes were dissolving, while all the stuck energies and traumas were also cleared as the structures dissolved. Everything shifted for him, and it seems to have stayed that way!

Then, I sat down to do a reading on the Quantum Heart Coil with my sister Brenda.  Brenda created this aspect for herself, because as many of us know, we can witness all of these profound permanent shifts and healings with others, but working on self often times does not have the same results.  So she said, I want to be able to have the profound healing with self also.  So, the aspect of her as a golden ball of light, a personal healer, was born!  She told me she had been doing this thing with clients for the past few days, having their soul create a golden ball of light that the soul would utilize during their sessions, with profound results for those that could catch a hold of it!  And now we have a way to create and utilize it!

And finally, in the moments between these two events, a friend had sent a picture of his Arcturian mother holding a golden fiery ball of light near the sternum!  It was great synchronicities for three hours!  And after working with this energy for a few days, we were able to put it into all of the Quantum Heart Coils on Valentine's Day 2022!!

The YouTube video at the bottom of this page offers the Golden Ball energetic attunement during the guided meditation!

Soul Aspects

The field this pendant co-creates with you, will attract all that You are back to you, while energies that are not yours are released.  People deny certain aspects of themselves.  These could be dark or misunderstood aspects, but are still a part of you, of your soul.  It is as simple as allowing and inviting these parts of you into your cocoon of light!  Again, your Light is untainted and untouchable.  As you invite in even the darkest parts of you, they enter as wisdom and light!!  This can be an instantaneous transformative process!!!

To share some examples, Brenda felt a heaviness on her heart when she first put the pendant on, which was the aspects coming in, but then it got bright as everything shifted.  The energies of programs, traumas, etc were leaving while the aspects were coming into Wisdom!

For me, the 3-1/2 weeks that I was sitting quietly at home creating this tool and doing the work for myself, has resulted in the most peace I have ever felt in my being in every moment since.

For more information on aspects and this new Coil Pendant, please do check out this excerpt from 50 Questions Friday.  You may also want to stay for the Golden Ball Meditation at the end!

Customer Reviews

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Katherine S.
good stuff

i love their work

shoshana l.

I feel very safe with the heart coil pendant. Thank you

Joshua H.
Beautiful craftsmanship and feels great!

I love my quantum heart coil pendant! It is gorgeous and feels really great against my heart! I'm so glad I've found it!

Bryar M.
Bryar’s review

I love the quality and energy put into creating this lovely pendant. The silver copper chain is lovely as well. Thank you to the team for the love put into this creation.


Couldn’t take it off. I felt it to be very comforting and healing yet subtle which isn’t always bad.