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Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet
Heka Clasp Bracelet

Heka Clasp Bracelet

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The energetics of the Heka Clasp elevates the frequency and vibration of our physical and energetic bodies,
and even energy fields beyond, anchoring in more Peace, more Light, and more Love,
creating space for transformative shifts to occur.

Available in four energetics to serve you on your path.
Handcrafted in copper or silver, which make a beautiful combination
when worn together.

HP / Grounding Combo

Wearing the copper Grounding and the silver Highest Potentials
keeps you both expansive and present. 
Grounding and connecting at the same time!
The two also look great together!
The silver Highest Potentials is the energy of the Soul
while the copper Grounding connects with the light of the Earth.

Can be wore on the same or separate wrists. 
Wearing a pair on each wrist is a grand way to show off these powerful pieces!

Save when buy one pair.
Save up to $50 on two pair!

Grounding: Opens up Heart energies to flow, allowing the Heart to be a part of the grounding. 
Connects with the Crystal Sun of the Earth, and brings through that bio-electric
connection with your body and the Earth.
Size Small fits wrist sizes 5”- 8” 
Large Size fits wrist sizes 6" & up and is a heavier gauge than the Size Small Clasp.
Grounding is available in copper only.

Highest Potentials: this beautiful powerful field illuminates the highest potentials
of creation for you
.  Holds a space of allowing your Light more fully in.
Size Small fits wrist sizes 5”- 8”  and is made of Sterling Silver
Large Size fits wrist sizes 6" & up and is made of .999%
Fine Silver and is a heavier gauge than the Size Small Clasp.

Wisdom:  Made in the Wisdom energetics, this heavier gauged and stiffer copper clasp
carries a deeply grounding energy, and a more discernible connection with your Higher Creator Self.
Fits wrist sizes 6" & up
Slightly heavier gauged copper

All Jewelry created by Twistedsage Studios carry beneficial energy fields
that reduce or eliminate the effects of EMF radiation, restructure water,
and expand the heart and mind to higher states of consciousness.

Chalice in .999 fine silver!


Chalice: Assists the wearer with releasing old thought and behavior patterns, limiting beliefs,
and false story-lines to align with energy that creates a heart-desired reality. 
Fits wrist sizes 6" & up
Slightly heavier gauged .999 fine silver

My daughter is 13, and she wears the Chalice Heka Clasp 24/7. 
It is the only tool that I can keep on her person (besides a cell phone tab). 
Her wrist size was smaller than 6" when she first started wearing it.


More Information

Egyptian literature cites Heka as the personification of magic and medicine;
existing before duality began. 
Others say Heka translates to Activating the Soul.

This style of closed-loop ring is just as potent and powerful as wearing a full-sized ring
of the same frequency around the wrist.  Having either of the frequencies on your wrist
will shift the frequency and vibration of your wrists, hands, fingers,
as well as your entire body, bodies, and energy fields beyond those. 

This is one of our older Product Videos, featuring the first energetics we released.

Customer Reviews

Based on 121 reviews
Christine F.
Clasp the Versatility

From the very beginning , I knew I wanted two of these Heka clasps, one silver, one copper. This energetic compilation really sang to me. When they came in, I put them both on the same wrist. The energy felt strong and concentrated. Exactly what I needed. After wearing them this way for weeks, I no longer felt the need for that much energy, and yet I still wanted some. So I placed one on each wrist. The result for me was a soft, diffused energy. I love the versatility of these clasps.


I bought this to ease my mother's arthritis and it seems to be doing the trick within one day!

Alli W.

I have had both clasps for about a month now. I don't take them off. The energy has been so calming! Every time I feel like I'm in a stressful situation it's like I'm "tapped on the shoulder by these clasps" and my body and mind aren't triggered. They are such a gift! Thank you Twisted Sage!

Joao P.
Highest Potentials Bracelet 😍

I love this bracelet, it has a soft energy and fits perfectly on my left wrist. I can also use my watch and it doesn’t bother me :)
My rating for the Highest Potentials Bracelet: 1.000.000 stars ⭐️ ✨ 🌟

Melvin C.
Erases survival based fears.

This bracelet right here...this grounding bracelet is the truth! Of course I was feeling the energy before it arrived, but I had no clue it was such a profound energy that I didn't know I needed til I got it and tried to take it off and go about my business. I was immediately hit with the stark realization that I may have rarely if ever been thoroughly grounded! Never felt the fullness of my own energy, the unapologetic heart centered self-assuredness .Also I notice maybe two hours after wearing it that Time seems to be not real, seems flexible some how. I purposefully got the grounded bracelet days before the silver HP bracelet so I wouldn't just geek out on the blissy, high space that is the Highest potential (reviewing that one next) anywhere much thanks to Brian, Brenda, Lucas and the team dropping spiritual bangers in the form of copper tools...long live Twisted sage!!!!!