2019 National Dowsing Convention & Metaphysical Expo

Brian will be the
Keynote Dowsing Speaker
this year!!!

2019 National Convention and Metaphysical Expo, to be held

June 26 – 30, 2019

at Plymouth State University in Plymouth, New Hampshire.

Keynote Dowser title and topic:

Activating Your Unique Brilliance

As we release and let go of who we were programmed to be, it brings in more of our Light, our unique brilliance within this universe.  Through the clearing of paradigms and limiting belief structures, we become the conscious creators of this world.  Join us on a journey to release these miscreations which no longer serve, and activate your physical manifestation to its highest brilliance possible here and now!!

½ Day Class, Thursday afternoon

An Afternoon with Brian Besco and The Elders Three

We will spend class time doing journey work, receiving sound healing, asking questions of Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three, playing with the latest Tensor Tools, and receiving all the newest activations and attunements from Brenda and Brian.  You will receive some of the most powerful processes currently available through heart-based consciousness work!! And, these are all leading-edge, super powerful, consciousness tools that you get to take home and use for yourself, your world, and others!!  You will also receive an addendum to the Harmony Handbook and Multidimensional Primer!!

75-minute presentation on Saturday afternoon

Ancient Alien Artifacts of Jalisco, Mexico

Join us on a video journey through ancient Mexico, which includes hands-on opportunities with genuine artifacts and artifact replicas from Jalisco, Mexico.  From 9,000-year-old tablets depicting Egyptian and Mayan deities, Grays and winged shaman, to 30,000-year-old pieces that depict the story of destroyed planets, UFO’s, and the procreation of new races.  Brian has personally filmed the recovery of several artifacts and is working with scientists and researchers from around the world in proving the validity of these artifacts to the Mexican Department of Anthropology.  Brian presents a theory of these artifacts belonging to the greater Atlantian Civilization, which includes the Mayan and pre-Egyptian heritages.

2019 Radionics Symposium

October 24-26, 2019
Rapid City, SD

  There are a great group of people that both facilitate and attend.
Please do check out our friends at Kelly Research Technologies webpage for more information on the event.
This will be my 5th year speaking at this Symposium. My presentation will be on Heart-based Consciousness and the Quantum Field…
Learn to utilize consciousness and intention to influence the quantum field of your radionic transmission.  We will begin with simple journey work, and learn how this influences our energetic and physical realities.  We will then add this to the quantum field of Radionics, to create results that are greater than the sum.  We will also discuss Tensor Technology as a supplement to the radionic field.



More events, and information on these events, coming soon!!!