I am honored to have been invited to opening ceremony for Mary Hardy’s annual event! 

The annual Sakkara Conference will take place July 26-28, near Allegan, Michigan.

Friday night I will be co-hosting the opening ceremonies,
with a workshop and talk on Saturday, and another workshop Sunday. 

We will have a newly updated Ascension Chamber available,
along with Tensor tools and an offering of private sessions.  

For more information or registration, please visit


Look for us at Dimensions of Disclosure in Ventura, CA!!

We will have the updated 11-foot tall Ascension Chamber,
along with lots of great new tools to share!!!


2019 Radionics Symposium

October 24-26, 2019
Rapid City, SD

  There are a great group of people that both facilitate and attend.
Please do check out our friends at Kelly Research Technologies webpage for more information on the event.
This will be my 5th year speaking at this Symposium. My presentation will be on Heart-based Consciousness and the Quantum Field…
Learn to utilize consciousness and intention to influence the quantum field of your radionic transmission.  We will begin with simple journey work, and learn how this influences our energetic and physical realities.  We will then add this to the quantum field of Radionics, to create results that are greater than the sum.  We will also discuss Tensor Technology as a supplement to the radionic field.



More events, and information on these events, coming soon!!!