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Testimonials- as there are thousands of positive testimonials, we have only a few listed. After my experiences with this, I have become a firm believer in these spiritual tools.  I appreciate the time and care you put into this.  -Alex Brian…The pain radiating up my foot to my knee on my nerve damage foot stopped with your healing.   Since I got your 3′ Harmony ring, whenever I start to get one of my horrible sinus headaches, I scan my head and it’s gone instantly and I have lost count as to how many times I’ve done it and it worked.  I fell in my kitchen a few days ago and caught myself on my wrist.  I first prayed for no breaks.  My wrist was quite sore and as soon as I scanned it, the pain vanished.  Later my elbow on that arm started to throb and again I used one of your harmony rings and it vanished immediately.  My son injured himself twice at the gym and each time he used your ring that I gave him and both times his pain vanished immediately and his roommate has horrible arthritis and one finger was excruciating and he put the ring on it and the pain subsided.  Another friend I gave your ring to said she scanned around her eye where her sinus infection settled and she felt her sinus drain.  That also happened to another friend I gave a ring to and her pneumonia from his asthma also got better quick.  I’m trying to encourage my daughter to use her’s but she’s 30 yrs old and still going through adolescence and doesn’t want to give me the satisfaction so I’m hoping that my new grandson will teach her how it works when he’s old enough….he’s going on 4 months old….lol.  Another girlfriend and her son could feel the energy in the ring but haven’t used it yet.   I have been using my twin soul’s ring testing it out before I give it to him and his ring helped me after my fall.  I sleep with my harmony torus and that’s what I’ve been using on my nerve damage and some of my headaches and it’s very powerful. I’m writing this to let you know how powerful your tools are and how well they work and to thank you for the work you’re doing.  You are truly working with the help of some powerful benevolent powers.   My nerve damage foot even thanks you with no pain from my ankle to my knee that I had before your healing.  I’m thankful I was drawn to your site.  Through you, I’m able to give my friends and family the tools to help themselves and their families.  Just know that you are appreciated and honored for the wonderful healing work you are doing.   Love and Healing Light…. Your Good Friend Mona. I ordered a TFG and water wand from you. They arrived right on time like tracking said! I love them, great work….my cats like the TFG also, they like to stick paws and heads into it when open or collapsed, lol. They know best I guess. My question is have you ever gotten any feedback from others that they experienced a bit of a detox reaction. Especially after unwittingly leaving the ball open too long initially since it is a new tool/toy, and having an overzealous interest to see what it would do? After 48 hours in ball form I had to put it outside a bit (4-5hrs), then bring it in and collapse it, lol, very strong. I definitely had symptoms of detox, multiple trips to bathroom, dry mouth (tongue felt like a dry loofa, and I do make my own structured water), and serious brain fog, also metallic taste in mouth. Once I collapsed the TFG and hung it on the wall where my electric meter is all subsided in 2 hrs. I’m very impressed with the strength of these old tools. I’m glad u and others are reminding us for their need and use. Just wanted to share my initial experience. Maybe you have had others have a similar situation occur and maybe not. I’d like to know. By the way I did program the sphere to not interefere with other’s energy within its range of influence to not cause them discomfort if the energy would be too much. Guess what I didn’t include myself or my cat friends in that program,…oops! Thanks, and lots of Love, Rob F.

Wanted to report the energy in my house is now smooth and simple – wireless rage from next door is a foreboding of the past. I can’t thank you enough! You did a brilliant job of twisting those cubits;-) And everyplace I asked the piece where was best to place it, they were All good. It covers the waterfront! Yay! -Beate

A powerful testimonial comes from my own father- he no longer has Sleep Apnea due to putting the large Ascension Ring under his bed!! If you were going to own just one Ring, this would be the one!!! So much positive feedback with shifts occurring in physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and environmental aspects of those who have them. Super phenomenal- I am blown away every day by this Ring!!!!- Brian Besco

Two days after arrival of the activator, the 4 healing orbs appeared in the sky and pushed back some unnatural looking weather. It was amazing. I could feel their power and I could feel the activator had something to do with it.
Alexander E

I’ve been using the Tensor Rings with both myself and my clients (human and animal) and they have an immediate effect on inflammation and pain, even if just placed over the area. Clients with Fibromyalgia say that when I use the largest ring over their entire body, they have less pain for days, which I attribute to the change in the water structure that takes place inside the ring. I have also used the rings for nausea in both flu and morning sickness and find it is almost entirely diminished if the ring is placed over the abdomen. The changes are so evident that they can’t be dismissed as coincidental in even the most skeptical. These tools have become essential to my practice and to my life, and I can’t recommend them highly enough! Mair MacKinnon @ www.wisewell-being.com Thank you for the Tensor ring. I just received it. It feels amazing. I can see all sorts of vortices inside it! Wow! It couldn’t have come at a better time. I’m returning to the UK in 2 weeks to care for my parents who both have health issues. I shall play the bowls and the ring for them. How wonderful. www.facebook.com/soundbathhealing The chakra coil is amazing. I feel my body and mind communicating finally. Astral travel is also happening. I might have paid you a visit to thank you. 😉 After my experiences with this, I have become a firm believer in these spiritual tools. I appreciate the time and care you put into this. – Alex Z. I really love the energy from the copper ring you gifted me! It totally feels both alive and feels as a portal. – Carol My kitty loves the rings, too. She happily curls up on them every chance she gets. – Melinda W. Dear All at ‘TWISTEDSAGE” thank you soo much for your efforts clearing my father. before receiving the light tools package. i felt that a presence he used to have was gone. and he was not shaking much at all. but he still stress’s from daily activities so the shaking progresses through-out the day. Then I received your wonderful twistedsage package!!!!! I see how he is relaxed when he chooses, he sleeps longer while wearing the ring on his finger. he heats up at night. i think this is a form of healing while he sleeps. so very good results from how my father used to be. i believe i will see an improvement with his health throughout time. it has only been 20 hours since i received my package 🙂 As for me. i felt like my body reached out and connected with a much larger variety of thinking and emotions. my thoughts are more locked on target and when i write and draw it feels like automatic perfection. i am automatically inspired and amazed by simple things around me. i think this is the force of the new consciousness coil. Tensor Trio: The rings energy was instantly felt. it just feels like it locks onto parts of my head and repairs it and i feel like laughing allot And the intention you guys have put into these rings are present too. feels like the effects are still present well after use as i woke up feeling really happy and fresh ready to help anyone with their dreaded morning activities. i showed 2 people that have no clue about the rings. they thought i was weird, but funny enough, the energy was still felt and they couldn’t understand how awesome copper was. thank you soo much, no one has ever helped my family and I as much as you have. i will be looking to purchase many more items in the future. king light photons to you 🙂 – from a friend in the UK The crystal I stick by my computer and my lavender crystal both love that ring you gave me. It’s cool it increases their energy but uniquely to each one. -Jaymi L. Gaia Sphere- “I’ve been using pendulums of wide varieties for over 10 years in divination and chakra balancings. The moment Brian handed me the small Gia Sphere, I felt the energy strong. I immediately asked it if it wanted to do a chakra balancing with someone and it swung over to Brian. He relaxed in his chair and we proceeded with a very clear and powerful balancing — one of the highest energy interactions I’ve felt through a pendulum. If you use crystals or sacred tools of any kind in your work or play, I recommend you give these gizmos a try.” – Luke K. “Powerful piece Brian and thank you.. I immediately felt the intensity of the Gaia’s Sphere while holding it.I just wanted to sit with it for a while. Wow amazing intense energy! I was flying high…just by touching it..thank you and all the best” ~Don. Tensor Coil- “I met you at the Casper Holistic Fair last weekend, and purchased the small spiral (not sure of the name of it) from you on Sunday. I went home and hung it from my bed frame. Wow! I am not very psychic, but once I laid down with it over my head, I did see the energy it brings in. I could see it pull the energy from the light of the heavens above as well as the earth below. It was an amazing experience and I just had to share it with you!” – Brenda L. Harvard Wanted to report the energy in my house is now smooth and simple – wireless rage from next door is a foreboding of the past. I can’t thank you enough! You did a brilliant job of twisting those cubits;-) And everyplace I asked the piece where was best to place it, they were All good. It covers the waterfront! Yay! Blessings upon your [and its] head… -Beatte Just wanted to express my gratitude. Received your “tools” well. Love love love the work and energies. Wonderful! The left eye of Horus popped up in my 3rd eye and started rotating while listening to toning from the King’s chamber and meditating. And all of a sudden parts of Thoth’s Emerald Tablets became clear to me. Instant expansion of consciousness. I’ll have to read them again. Love the ring too. Haven’t taken it off since I got it. Keep up the great work as we get to experience these great moments and the even greater ones that are oh so close to manifesting. J Thanks You. Love & Light, Nico M. Hi Brian, Rob F. here. I ordered a TFG and water wand from you. They arrived right on time like tracking said! I love them, great work….my cats like the TFG also, they like to stick paws and heads into it when open or collapsed, lol. They know best I guess. My question is have you ever gotten any feedback from others that they experienced a bit of a detox reaction. After 48 hours in ball form I had to put it outside a bit (4-5hrs), then bring it in and collapse it, lol, very strong. I definitely had symptoms of detox, multiple trips to bathroom, dry mouth (tongue felt like a dry loofa, and I do make my own structured water), and serious brain fog, also metallic taste in mouth. Once I collapsed the TFG and hung it on the wall where my electric meter is all subsided in 2 hrs. I’m very impressed with the strength of these old tools. I’m glad u and others are reminding us for their need and use. Just wanted to share my initial experience. Brian: I spoke with Rob (above) about this reaction, and feel a lot of it was a detoxing of energetic implants. As always, drink lots of water when doing any energy work. And know that these tools always work for the Highest and Greatest Good of each individual. I also make a statement of intent to mySelf and my guides, when doing any energy work or not, that “everything which comes to me is for my Greatest Good, and all work is done with QUICKNESS, GRACE, AND EASE.” I am a beginner at all this and just received my Ascension Ring. I will tell you that I placed it around my right should last night as I went to be because it aches at night like a tooth ache. Well, it really helped I had minimal pain. The other added feature is that my Mother who passed away 3 years ago popped through! I was startled at first. I attribute this to the ring because I rarely hear from her. – Terri C. I feel very blessed to have found out about Tensor rings and the great hand made healing devices available from www.twistedsage.com I have been interested in healing tools for many years now and fairly recently found out about orgonite and have been applying this healing technology to myself, others and the environment with excellent results. I was delighted to discover that the energy being emitted from tensor rings is of an even higher vibration than orgonite, and people who claim to have felt nothing from trying out orgonite, have all reported a pleasant sensation from using the healing tools from Twisted Sage. I decided to try out just about all of the tools for my 1st initial order and they are all incredible in their own right, from the smallest tensor ring, to the abundance attractor, right up to the larger tensor field generator . I am certainly going to promote the healing tools in the UK and let others know about this incredible discovery. I wholeheartedly recommend you tap into the infinite and wonderful healing energy flowing from these highly attractive and affordable healing tools. To top things off Twisted Sage are a very friendly and helpful company to deal with too. Mark Eccles, Scotland, UK I will be placing another order with you again soon for sure 😉 oh you may want to see the pendants that have your rings on – http://www.mrelixir.co.uk/our-products/orgone-pendants/ Warmest Regards from Mark 🙂 This is Suzy from Pittsburgh, PA. After we spoke on the phone, I ordered a 7″ Tensor Field Generator, and suite of Elementals. All are beautifully constructed. The TFG is outside in the garden doing its thing. We’re still getting to know each other, and I am growing into understanding its powers. I’ve asked Slim to lean in and help…. Brian, Thank you for making my larger ring. Here is a picture of my Zinnia’s. Before the rain knocked them over I think we would have make 7 to 8 feet. Next year we will put in higher grid reinforcements. – Cindi S. Denni called this morning. She bought a pair of the wrist Ascension rings. She has had MONTHS of troubles with her dowsing and has not been able to discover the issue. With a ring on each wrist, she was able to uncover, two ‘Black Angels’ that were interfering with her. She turned them over to the Carrion Angels and now feels much better…. – Marty L. Sitting on the Heddeka our filtered water now tastes much better. It’s close to fresh, earth-borne spring water. (The pitcher is made of stainless steel, that may help with conductivity?) You also sent along a bonus 3.5″ tensor ring. I wear it all day long on my left arm, sometimes at night–and when I don’t wear it, it really feels as if it’s there (i have to reach over to confirm that it’s actually still at home!) It’s hard to find the words to describe its effect on me. I can say that it is subtle, powerful, positive and whole. Thank you for gifting me with such a great tool. I’m glad you’re out there making these next (quantum) generation tools. I hope you do well. Here’s to positive, upward, evolution! Suzy Had a client (young woman with LOTS is problems) who checked positive for using the sphere on her crown chakra. Saw her eyes “open up” as she felt the effect! Just got a text from her father that she is doing great, which I know the tool contributed to. She is the reason behind my wanting the tools. …Your dedication and enthusiasm are why your tools are so great. Hello, i received my soul star on tuesday. On wednesday (yesterday) i was outside in my backyard pacing back and forth spinning it while wishing for beneficial weather (for it was overcast at the time). fast foward to today, there is a low pressure system that moved exactly into my area, there is bad weather rotating around me (wellington, florida) and those areas are getting like 5-6″s worth of rain in some places..which is like unheard of this time of year….some schools are cancelled for tomorrow because of it….the weather man even said how somehow wellington was spared. Brian H. Heddeka~ “My under-the-sink drip bucket no longer smells with the addition of a Heddeka” “The power of these is undenialble” “I don’t know…, but never felt so good as I do now” “My fish pond is crystal clear for the first time in 6 years!!!” “Wow, what a difference these make” “I have never had such vivid dreams of such things as I have now. It’s wonderful” “The mold /mildew smell from my water softener is going away, and is currently heathful and beneficial to drink” “I have tried several different energizers for water, and this is the only one that can actually tell a significant change in the water” I received the rings yesterday. WHOA such awesomeness!! We’re still getting to know one another, but the tensor trio makes music I hear when I am near it. It’s like a drone mixed with something along the lines of throat singing and it corresponds to the third eye chakra. I also see certain shapes in the rings when viewing with my third eye vision. Each size has a different shape in it, and I also have been able to see “into” them like looking into a tunnel. Such wonderful tools you’ve brought into being. Thank you! I am so looking forward to learning much with these. The Ascension ring is not as clearly visual, but I’m feeling it! • Also, when I was lying down and set the tensor trio rings over my heart chakra, I saw a column of green rise up that was maybe 3 feet tall. It was very fluid, transparent and feminine in nature. The best way I can describe it is it reminded me of the creatures in the movie “The Abyss,” the way the water moved around in the columns of consciousness. All the visualizations I’ve been experiencing have been very clear with the rings. As I mentioned, when I look into them I see a shape. The 7″ has a triangle in it with a circle inside of that. I can look beyond the shape I see in each of the rings (it appears as energetic outlines in my third eyesight) as if I’m looking into a tunnel/portal and they all seem to go back behind the rings in a cylindrical shape, then start to turn upward. I suppose I could travel in there at some point and see where that goes. I will wait for guidance on that from the rings. The 8″ ring has a shape I see as what I think is known as a trident. A straight line up the middle, and then sort of a curvy “u” shape toward the top, and that’s repeated like layers so that it expands beyond the perimeter of the physical ring. So it ends up looking kind of like the ornate shapes you might see depicted on a carving of a Hindu deity around the head, sort of flame-like. The 9″ ring turns into many rings and I see the Flower of Life in there, and again it’s not held within the perimeter of the physical ring. Additionally, there is another shape layered along with the Flower of Life that looks like two triangles touching point to point in the middle (not overlapping like the MerKaBa). The edges of the Flower of Life expand probably a few inches beyond the physical ring to make a Tree of Life Shape (I think that’s what it’s called). Maybe I should draw it so its easier to understand…I feel like I’m not describing it that well, and maybe it’s too much info anyway. Just ask me if you’re wondering about anything I’ve said here. And yes, the tensor trio seems to be making a sound in what I think is the key of F with harmonic tones mixed in (I haven’t doublechecked with one of my instruments to confirm) which corresponds with my third eye chakra. It’s very relaxing. By the way, hearing tones like that is not new to me – I have experienced this before in other ways. I love that these tools are so familiar. They feel like “home,” and little else compares to that warm and comfortable energy! Have a wonderful night, and thank you again! Much love and light, my friend. • Ok, I just checked and the tone is an A rather than F (nope, I don’t have “perfect pitch” lol). P.S. – I also acquired a Shungite palm stone recently. I have a number of stones and crystals working with me but holy s*** that Shungite is probably the most powerful healing stone I’ve worked with yet! I will probably hit you up for some at some point as I can see how powerfully beneficial it is! -Melinda W. Video Testimonial from Orgonite Austin on the 5D Animator

  5D Animator Testimonial An Experience in The Crystalline MerKaBa Chamber  ~ ~ ~ September 21, 2014: My husband and I arrived early at the Holistic Health Fair because we were so excited about what was to come, that we could hardly wait for the doors to open.  When they did we rushed like a couple of giddy kids to the booth where we had signed up for what we knew was going to be an experience worth all the treasures on earth!  My appointment was at 10am and my husband’s appointment time followed mine.  First thing we did was hug Brian Besco in greeting…being with Brian is a lot like I imagine the experience might be like to hang out with the Dali Lama.  Anyway, my husband and I had decided we would have no expectations…we would simply experience with all our senses and with unconditional love whatever adventure we were about to embark upon.  And as hindsight goes, I must say that indeed, higher self was directing us through the entire day by divine synchronicity. So as we prepared for our 15 minutes each in the beautifully lit crystalline chamber, we drank our water (provided by Brian to hydrate with Desani bottled water that had been through the vibrational activation itself).  Then it was my turn to go.  You have to understand, as I mentioned in my book, Divine Wonderland, I have had my MerKaBa activated some time ago by a very loving and gracious soul, Marsha Hankins.  This time, however, was to be a new experience of activating in an entirely different method…I was more or less, in my mind, participating to get a booster of vibration activation and to synchronize my vibration with my new, yellow sapphire pendant (divine realm activated) and rather important to me.  I thought, heck, it also couldn’t hurt to do some cleaning the closet of old soul contracts and stuff hanging around and to invite my guides and angels to work with me on this quest.  So perhaps I did have some kind of direction I was looking to go, but beyond that I was leaving the slate wide open for possibility.  My husband, on the other hand, was a newbie to this activation and didn’t know what to expect. Woweee, is all I can say!!  The shift in my world was phenomenal the second time, just as it had been the first time.  Both my MerKaBa activation experiences were divinely unique as they were divinely different methods.  This time I felt such a rush of energy whirling around me, and yet so gentle and loving, that I wasn’t sure how I was containing myself.  I do know that as I wrapped up my session and stepped out of the crystalline enclosure and faced Brian, I felt the same almost imperceptible swaying motion of my star tetrahedron swirling around me that I’ve experienced since my first MerKaBa Activation, but this time I apparently had some vibration help from my yellow, sapphire pendant!  To go with the gentle sensation of my swirling Star Tetrahedron around my physical body, I unexpectedly saw this pulsing color from myself reflecting past Brian onto the wall at his back.  I stood there mesmerized and transfixed, and can only explain it as a vibrant calidescope of soft yellow alternating with soft orange color that I observed with awe and me not wanting to move and disturb the phenomenon going on.  It took a moment for me to realize the color both Brian and I saw was radiating from me, reflecting past him to light up the wall behind him.  I stood there breathless by what I was able to see.  It was as if my sight suddenly took on this new dimension of awareness and I was looking through a clear yellow cellophane which alternated with clear orange cellophane and then back to yellow alternating with orange.  Only much later did it occur to me I was wearing my yellow sapphire (a unique spiritually-charged crystal designed by Kaitlyn King), hence the yellow and I was also wearing an orange blouse.  In retrospect, I realize now I was radiating (my lightbody) through whatever object and fabric I was wearing.  My body must have literally been radiating light on everything around me.  It wasn’t an obtrusive or overpowering sense of color…more a gentle glow ebbing and flowing.  All the time this was going on, I knew I was in a safe and sacred space because Brian had prepared the way with loving care that came from divine realm…I knew and sensed I was being taken care of and watched over by all souls, angels and guides who were with me and involved in my gentle activation in vibration… I have not considered I’m also a seer as well as an intuitive…not until this new activation!  I have gained vibrational sight!  A couple of days later, I was also able to see orbs (spheres of light) rising up from the ground in the video I was watching where Brian Besco was standing outside in South Dakota talking to us about how to accomplish the MerKaBa activation (you navigated from his video with the link from my video page).  All I can say is he knows what he’s talking about…Brian is genuine and you feel a sense of wonder yet a great peace while in his presence.  I endorse his method of MerKaBa activation and I invite you to visit Brian Besco’s website where you can see what the beautiful crystalline MerKaBa activation chamber looks like. As for my husband and his experience!!  Well, of course, he has his phenomenal story as well, but I’m saving his story for my next book, Warp Speed to Vibration Wonderland and Beyond…


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