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Tensor Field Generator

A Beautiful, Seemingly Magical ToolA Sacred Geometric Tool

It Serves As:

An Amplifier of Energy
As a Protector
As a Provider
By your intentions, sound of your voice, and your touch,
you can program your sphere as a tool in your life.
-The Elders Three

Available in a variety of sizes and frequencies, all with the base properties of the Tensor Field Generator.

My favorite Tensor Field Generator is any of the Harmony Generators

Made up of Four Individual Tensor Rings
Produces a Sphere of Influence Up To 12 miles

•    Amplifies Intentions
•    Dispels Negative Energies
•    Energy Purifier and Balancer
•    Align the Physical Body & Spiritual Body
•    Meditate with it to Increase Intuitive Abilities
•    Remediates the Harmful Effects of EMF Pollution, including: Cell Phone Radiation, Electrical Distribution Systems, Computers, Appliances, Radio Signals, and Other Electromagnetic Polluters
•    Transmutes Harmful Energies Produced by Geopathic Stress Lines
•    Placing an Object Inside Amplifies It’s Vibratory Energy
•    Can be Programed for Manifestation into One’s Life

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