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Tensor Coils

​~ Tensor Coils ~

The energy flows into, and out of, both ends of the coil, with a discernible energy flow only a few inches out from the perimeter of the coil.

Produces Healthful and Beneficial Tensor Field, which flows in a Tube Torus fashion.

This is a one of a kind energy tool, shown effective in the use of restructuring EMFs, Geopathic stress, as well as other innate abilities.

A strong field of energy envelopes the hand when held, felt by most who hold it.

When used with intention, the Tube Torus of the Tensor Coil connects with, amplifies, and strengthens the electromagnetic Tube Torus of your Heart, Head, and MerKaBa Field.

The field creates resonance with the natural state of the human in all dimensional realities.

The coil helps propel its user into a state of natural grace. The coil is here to serve your transformation into the new world vibration.

It appears to have been used in water lines during the Atlantean Era- many see it was made to have water flowing through it’s energy field.

It has also been said it acts as an electrical device- a transformer and a capacitor at the same time.​

DNA transformations occur by simply being around these tools.

It is an excellent tool for Astral Travel and DreamWork.

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