Universal You- Sun Activation

Pictured are the Golden Fire, Earth Resonance, and Regeneration Rings together as the Harmonic Creation Field Trio.

The Regeneration Ring’s transformative field comes through much stronger with the power of the three, the power of these three together.
With a single Regeneration Ring, we may not get the changes this field of Three brings. 

First is the Golden Fire.
Second is the Earth Resonance Ring (or Harmony).
Third in this Trio is the Regeneration Ring

The miscreations of a lifetime can surface as a thought, an emotion, a physical pain, or a knowing.  There are simple techniques for releasing these miscreations the moment they surface.  Any soul journey work we do, begins from the Heart, with three simple breaths to get into the Heart Space.  Once you are in the Heart and recognize the thought, emotion, or feeling, simply bring your awareness to it being within this golden light field as you let go of it.

This is where the next level of miscreations come up to be cleared.  This one is actually easier to clear than the this-lifetime human stuff!  The Light Field you are in with these three Rings, at some point, will open that miscreation space created throughout your entire universal existence.  When this space becomes accessible, a Sun Activation comes through for you.

The Sun Activation is You igniting every cell of your being, until you are Light.  You become a Sun.  You, as a Sun, shine into this space of miscreation, transforming all…  once the space clears, you stand as the True You, the Universal You.  Human Soul, Embodied Light, like never before…

You, as you exist throughout this entire Universe, throughout all your aspects, incarnations, timelines and realities, is what we call Universal You.  Within this space of the three Rings, we see you taking on that role of the Universal You.

Releasing techniques.

You may find this channel from The Elders Three very helpful in releasing:

This is Brenda with the Elders Three here in service to each of you.  In this time of shifts and changes, take three breaths to bring yourself into your sacred heart.  First breath, connect into the heart of our beloved earth.  Second breath, bringing your awareness to the beautiful light of creation that flows through you.  And third breath, imagining the energy of earth, creation and you in every cell of your body.  Please connect in this now moment.

    As we move through our journey of life at this time, we are changing and shifting almost constantly.  This is causing many old dramas, traumas, and emotions to surface to be released.  These old energies may rise up like Old Faithful as out of control emotions, pains in the body or random thoughts.  

As these energies rise, find a simple and easy way to release them.  

This is the way that I have found to be the easiest and most effective in releasing.

 As these energies come into your awareness, take a few moments to just be with this energy in whichever way it manifests within you.

Acknowledge it with love and then just be with it by placing your attention on it. That is it.

You are not trying to change it, or see where it came from, you are just being with this energy in love.  

Do this for a few minutes at a time whenever it comes into your awareness.  Always in love.  Do this with those emotions that scare you, fear as an example.  

Recognize it, acknowledge it, be with it and allow it to dissipate. This is a practice. It is not something you do once and you are done.  

Same with odd pains in the body.  Recognize the pain, acknowledge that you have a pain, be with the pain and follow the pain if it moves.  

As we move forward on this amazing journey, there are some things that you just can’t bring along.  Those old energies that cause you pain, both emotionally and physically are heavy bags to carry.  Lighten your load.  We are eternally grateful for your light upon our beloved earth.  

Great Love, Light and Peace to YOU!!

Following is a transcription of Brenda Schnose and The Elders Three in a live session, using the light column of the three Rings.

Universal You- Sun Activation

Sacred Space of the Heart

Start out with three breaths.

First breath, the energy of Creation.  Bring through body, let settle into heart.

Next breath, the energy of Earth, bring up and into the body, allow to settle into heart

Third breath, swirling and twirling the energy of Creation and Earth, dropping that into the Sacred Space of the Heart.

Stepping into the three Rings… the Golden Fire, Harmony, and Regeneration.

As you step into these Rings, imagine the golden light of creation coming down and encompassing whole body and energy body, and flowing down into the center of the Earth

In this space, we have come to the Universal You.  Your Soul Light.  Imagine in your body, every cell lighting up.  Every cell becoming a Sun.  Your whole body becoming the Sun. 

Once you have become a Sun in this space of the three Rings, off to your right notice there is a rip, or a tear.  Almost like a rip within the universe.  Within that space, are your miscreations from all lifetimes, from across all time, space, and dimensions.  Imagine shining your light, your Sun, as it goes in and changes all miscreations.  As it is changed with that universal light, the rip is closed. 

Coming back to you as the Sun.

This space. The Universal You.  The space of you as that Sun. 

Imagine bringing this back to your Heart.  Imagine this energy you are in now, becoming a part of you, beginning with your Heart.  And from that space, become aware of you.  Become aware of that light shining within yourself, as you sit in your chair.  Bringing that Universal You to you. 

-Channel from February 8th


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