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Distance Healing Sessions with Brenda Schnose

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Clearing and Anchoring

 Copper Energy Tool Construction


Ghost Busting 101

2 weeks ago


If you, or a loved one, are in the Kansas City area, this is going to be a phenomenal experience.... like no other!!!
Three days of individual sessions available, along with THIRTEEN workshop opportunities!!!
Many of the workshops are free, and range from one to two hours in length. The weekend opportunities have catering available, so be sure to book early!!
Danielle Morningstar and Brian Besco will be holding space for Accessing the Universal You as the two weekend event highlights. They will also be available for individual sessions over three days, starting Wednesday.
Brian is offeing workshops on:
Light Anchoring 101
Tensor Tools
MerKaBa re-Activation
Ancient Alien Artifact Q&A
Ghost Busting 101
Sacred Heart Activations

February 20-24, in Kansas City, MO

Check Facebook for links and details!! 😊

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2 weeks ago


When I look at the Regeneration Generator, all I can see is Light. It is such a bright field.

The Regeneration Generator is not made for doing clearing work, in the traditional sense. It is holding the field of the Regeneration Rings, and sending that out into the environment to affect everyone and everything.

Even plants, water, animals, will respond to the field, by doing basically the same thing as the mind, body, soul with this field.

Plants become what they truly are.

Water comes to it's original blueprint. That Divine blueprint. The inner-most being of water. It becomes Divine, soft, vibrant, alive again.

As water comes back into its beingness, all the energies are released. Water carries everything that has ever happened to it within this Earth plane.

Its like a human that's lost connection... and watching them, how their chemistry and thought processes and whole beingness changes, so will it with water.

To clear 5G Networks, EMF's, and all the other 3rd Density miscreations, use the Golden Fire Tools. To step you and yours out of the 3rd Density reality, step into the Regeneration Field...

When asked how far the field of the Generator expands out, the answer was How far do you want it to?

The Regeneration Tensor Field Generator is approximately 1-1/2 inches in diameter.

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2 weeks ago


The Regeneration Ring is bringing the body and the soul together as one, in this Field of Universal Light. From this space, all that is hidden and ready for release, becomes visible. These are this-lifetime things… from emotional situations, any form of consciousness that isn’t serving your highest good, childhood traumas, adult dramas, cords, contracts, dense energies, thought-forms, alternative realities, dimensional trappings, etc., etc., that no longer serve you.

When you are in this space, it brings your Divine “Awareness” through. It only takes Awareness (with a big “A”) for these human miscreations to be cleared, released, transformed. You do not need to step into the muck, re-live, or mentally figure out any of this stuff. Rather you let Awareness do what it does, while you release it.

The Light Field you are in with the Regeneration tools, at some point, will open that miscreation space created throughout your entire universal existence. When this space becomes accessible, a Sun Activation comes through for you. The Sun Activation is You igniting your Heart, and every cell of your being.

You become a Sun, a creator of planets, galaxies, and universes. You, as a Sun, shines into this space of miscreations, transforming all… once the space clears, you stand as the true you, the Universal You. Human Soul, Embodied Light, like never before...

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2 weeks ago


If you are not dedicated to doing release work, the Regeneration Rings may not be the tools for you. The Regeneration Rings are for the high level clearing of personal miscreations throughout your entire existence.

The rings are not only for the clearing and releasing, but for bringing in that soul essence, the vibration of your being, the true you.
You become your Soul.

In using these tools we have already become more soul embodied than any other time on the Earth.

It results in stepping up your vibration, while the 3D world falls away.

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