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We are looking for either general or product specific questions to answer and publish. As long as they come from your mind’s heart, they can be super simple or on the higher spectrum of inquiry. Your name will not be required for the publishing.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of the Twistedsage Studios family and their continued expansion and creation of high-quality heart-based higher-dimensional tools!!!
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21 thoughts on “Questions? We would love to have them!!

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hi Josslyn,
      If you are using a laptop as a laptop, a larger ring such as the 11″ Golden Fire Ring is suggested for under the computer. If your laptop is used like a desktop computer, a Golden Fire Disc placed anywhere on the computer will be sufficient. An 11″ Ring under your laptop really is a nice addition if you use your computer for hours.

  1. Joe says:

    Hello Brian,
    My daughter and partner just purchased a new mattress that has an extra set of spring coils in it. My understanding is that mattress and box spring coils can act as an antenna amplifying EMF”s. They have wi-fi downstairs and sleep next to their cell phones with Orgonite next to them all, but I’m not sure if that is enough protection. I know that the Golden Fire Generator would be best for her to get, but as another option would placing a wi-fi ring under their bed neutralize all EMF’s generated from the spring coils? Thank you Brian.

    • Brian Besco says:

      The Rings will create a column of Light the same diameter as the Ring. A quartz crystal inside the Ring will expand the field slightly, though would still take several under the bed to cover the entire area.

  2. Joe says:

    Hello Brian. Thanks you for your wonderful tools. I have two questions and the first one is if it would be better to place the Golden Fire Disk on the breaker door opposite the breakers or on the breaker panel above the breakers? Also, I feel very good wearing the Golden Fire Mini Coil Pendant doing errands all day and it definitely helps keep my energy high. I wear my Q-Link at the same time though, and am wondering if wearing the Golden Fire Mini Coil Penant is enough to neutralize the electromagnetic frequencies when I’m in the city. Thanks again.

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hello Joe, either place for the Disk is perfect! And yes, the coil will protect your field even in the harshest city environment!

  3. Maggie says:

    I have a special needs son aged 25 years with mild autism who experiences clusters of grand mal seizures for 2 to 3 days each month usually around the time of the full moon. He takes medication which is a fairly lose dose as he reacts badly to pharmaceuticals and they’ve never worked very well for him. He lives in a care home and comes home for 4-5 days a fortnight. What products would you suggest for him to achieve the best possible outcome. I’m so grateful for all your work in this field as you’ve given me hope for the future with 5g being rolled out across the UK. You’re clearly working with our creator.

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hello, I would suggest an 11″ Golden Fire Ring to be wore over the head. It does not have to be wore but for just a few minutes a day, leading to the time he usually has the seizures. He should enjoy this Ring any other time as well, and if can place it under a chair or mattress while not in use, that would also assist. For your other question, yes, these tools bring through an etheric grounding.

  4. Julio says:

    Hi, I recently purchased a Qlink which led me to seek other means of clearing and cleansing. Can I wear one of your guy’s pendants with my Qlink? Now that I have found your items and other items like Slim Slurlings, should I return my Qlink or is it still beneficial? Thank you! Lots of love and light – Julio

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hello Julio,
      The Tensor tools will synergize with and can be wore with any energy tools. The Q-Link relies on Sacred Geometries as it’s energetic source. The Tensor Fields bring through the energetics of geometries, plus so so so much more. I am personally not a fan of the Qlink, but is truly up to personal resonance 🙂

  5. Peggy Burns says:

    Greetings Sir/Madam,

    My husband and I are seniors (he is 78 and I am 70) and we are suffering as a result of EMF radiation from 40 ‘Aclara’ Smart Meters in our immediate area. Before the meters were introduced in our area we were both fine. He now has dementia and I continue suffering with all types of physical discomforts which make me feel absolutely awful–terribly ill. No one in the medical field in Bermuda can help us. No one is listening. We live in a condo complex where they were recently installed. It is believed that we are also being affected by dirty electricity because there are eleven (11) utility wires right in front of our apartment. There is also a satellite dish, a large television antenna a stones throw away and two tall antennas in the area as well.

    In view of the foregoing information, how many tensor rings do you recommend I obtain for my husband and myself and at what strengths/frequencies?

    Your early response(s), attention and assistance will be appreciated.


    Peggy Burns
    A senior suffering in Bermuda
    Telephone: 441-297-1624

  6. sewfittingjm says:

    Wow, you guys make the rings by hand! That’s incredible. My question is, how precise do the rings need to be in order for it to perform the desired function?
    Do you ever make a ring that doesn’t “work”?

    • Brian Besco says:

      We cut everything to the hundred thousands of a centimeter, and bring the ends back onto themselves to create a precisely measured closed loop, connected coil. When I first started, I had a few rings that didnt work or worked only on one side. The energetic aspect of creating the rings is more important than the physical. We have seen a ring that was a whole centimeter off, and it still worked because the energetics were all in alignment.
      Now, each and every ring we make is fully functional and energetically beneficial.

  7. drcsmith69 says:

    Hi there,
    Have you ever made a tensor ring from multiple strands of wire, eg as salvaged from an insulated cable? Would it have the same properties as a single wire (say weight for weight)?
    Does the effect work for all metals in wire form? Would gold be more powerful than copper? Best, Caro

    • Brian Besco says:

      The problem with using more than one wire, is that you need to bring the ends back onto themselves, or they create a “spark gap” to connect back onto themselves if the connection is not right there. Copper is the best conductor for the etheric that we have found so far.

  8. Jane Cunningham says:

    Thank You and your family for this amazing work!
    Here is an interesting one for you.When my son first held the large wand he got hot and flushed and then his eyes were burning . Needless to say he put it down. Last night he held the rod which I asked him to spin in a harmonic direction.
    He was getting hot and then I was getting hot…..
    Any thoughts there?
    Love and Light

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hi Jane. It is the Golden Fire that comes through, and it feels especially powerful from him. It is a good thing, you just have to get past the burning sensation by knowing it is absolutely perfect and divine!!

  9. Georgina says:

    Hi, what would be the 3 most beneficial pieces to buy that would cover soul mind heart activation and protection?
    What are the 2 best products to purchase together on a limited budget?
    If money was of no consequence, which item provides the most overarching investment?
    If your soul decides it’s not for you how will you know?
    Can you place like for like products on a comparison page with a listing of the differences so it’s easier to choose?
    Why are there lots of rings in one item buy – ie what’s the purpose – don’t you need just one?
    Why heavier guage and lighter guage – is it there a performance or comfort factor consideration?

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