Questions? We would love to have them!!

Free Gift Offering!!!

If you have at least five good questions that we can answer and publish, we will offer you something special for your co-creative assistance!!

We are looking for either general or product specific questions to answer and publish. As long as they come from your mind’s heart, they can be super simple or on the higher spectrum of inquiry. Your name will not be required for the publishing.

Thank you, in advance, for your support of the Twistedsage Studios family and their continued expansion and creation of high-quality heart-based higher-dimensional tools!!!
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3 thoughts on “Questions? We would love to have them!!

  1. Jane Cunningham says:

    Thank You and your family for this amazing work!
    Here is an interesting one for you.When my son first held the large wand he got hot and flushed and then his eyes were burning . Needless to say he put it down. Last night he held the rod which I asked him to spin in a harmonic direction.
    He was getting hot and then I was getting hot…..
    Any thoughts there?
    Love and Light

    • Brian Besco says:

      Hi Jane. It is the Golden Fire that comes through, and it feels especially powerful from him. It is a good thing, you just have to get past the burning sensation by knowing it is absolutely perfect and divine!!

  2. Georgina says:

    Hi, what would be the 3 most beneficial pieces to buy that would cover soul mind heart activation and protection?
    What are the 2 best products to purchase together on a limited budget?
    If money was of no consequence, which item provides the most overarching investment?
    If your soul decides it’s not for you how will you know?
    Can you place like for like products on a comparison page with a listing of the differences so it’s easier to choose?
    Why are there lots of rings in one item buy – ie what’s the purpose – don’t you need just one?
    Why heavier guage and lighter guage – is it there a performance or comfort factor consideration?

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