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Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording
Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording
Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording

Transcending the Matrix- Live Workshop Recording

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Transcending the Matrix: Live Workshop Recording


Nearly 4-1/2 hours of video content from a live event held on August 31st, 2021.

As this was a paid workshop event, we were charging for the first few months to be fair to participants.  You are now welcomed to receive the product free of charge, or by donation! 
We do hope you enjoy!!!

Part one:
Infinite Heart Technique
Concept of Duality
Tensor Tools
Sacred Heart Activation
Sacred Space of the Heart

Part two:
MerKaBa Activation
Pendulum Attunements
Entity Attachments
Earth Grids
Clearing the Church Grids and State Capitol Grids
Golden Light Rod
Global Love and Gratitude Grid

Part three:
Tensor Tools and GMOs
Ascension Grid and Pyramids
Quantum Mind
Universal Peace
Field of All Knowing
Chalice Attunement
Releasing Programs
Bring in the Soul's Light
Clearing Family Lineage

Part four:
Light Anchoring

You will receive with your purchase:  A pdf download which shares the links to each video.  You will have unlimited access, for an unlimited time!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews
Karen R.
Beautiful energy

I love your workshops and your heartfelt energy. Always uplifting and educational. Thank you for the time you take to share your wisdom and knowledge xxxx


There is so much knowledge, information and wisdom in each presentation. I had begun listening once and set it aside. I am so thankful that you have prompted me for a review because I finally said, you know, I need to listen to these - which I am doing now, and Wow !, questions that my soul had been pondering were answered, additional uses for the tools were addressed... I am halfway through the second video but felt the need to share ... Thank you ! ... [I am going back to experience the rest of the video now ]

Always the best!

Great recording! So much information!

Pure delight!

I truly enjoyed watching and participating during these seminars and have walked away enlightened and inspired! Highly recommended to anyone looking to learn, grow and feel deeply connected to to our metaphysical world.

Marcus W.
Transcending the Matrix

Since I was a little one, I have always loved being outdoors and experiencing Mother Earth…Shamanism has been a wonderful Elemental connection over the years and am blessed with the gifts Spirit has given. I have been exploring meditation and journeying for over forty years; Brian, Brenda, The Elders Three, and the Twistedsage team have set-up beautiful energies in the Transcending the Matrix - Live Workshop Recording that are gracefully, lovingly activated in the presentation and in their tools.
Had never even heard about Twistedsage until about 2 months ago: the Merkaba activation that Brian guides one through was amazingly, tearfully powerful for me. I now am spiraling up into the Angelic Realm each day and working with gorgeous dragons along ley lines on this plane - spiritual evolution?
Learning how to work with Twistedsage tools will make you want to acquire all the tools that you can possibly afford! Absolutely radiant creations!
Thank you!
Love and Light!
Marcus W.