Harmony Rings


The power of the Torsion Rings lies in the field between the two Rings-

the properties of which are now embedded into all Balance and Harmony Rings we have ever created.




The power of the Torsion field, accessible with the Harmony Rings:

The Harmony Rings may be used in pairs to create a Torsion field between the two Rings. 

This third field is not found in any other Ring but the Fire Ring.

When looking at DNA, a “cap” appears on one end.  As these DNA Caps deteriorate, so does the body.  Science has shown this too.  Torsion Rings rejuvenate DNA as a whole, including the Caps.  Though can only Rejuvenate one’s body as far as their BELIEF system allows.

You can use just one Ring and your other hand, to create the Field.


Neon colors pulsate- blues, purples, pinks, greens.  Coming from oversoul, down from You, through the Rings.  Bringing the Mind, Body, Heart connection more into Harmony.  Brings about a rejuvenation of Mind Body Heart.  Brings in a greater connection of the Mind Body Heart with the soul.

It is a tool.  It amplifies the energy so you can feel that energy with the body that the oversoul is sending in.

You can put yourself within the Field, your whole body, completely in the Field.  In doing that, you are connecting into the Matrix of the Soul, which is the whole and complete You throughout all time space dimensions incarnations, including the human in the here now.  Within that energy, you JUST BE.  Don’t direct.  Trust in everything that you are, who you truly are.

Again, don’t direct it, or you will miss out on something greater by limiting yourself.  Just Be!!!

Trust that the energies and rejuvenation is there for you as the Human on this Earth.

There is so much more of You helping you make your world more than human being.

– As always, I rely on many for readings and feedback on the tools. And I seem to always resonate with what comes from my sister, and phenomenal multidimensional being, Brenda Schnose, who’s guides shown her the processes above, as they were happening.

Again, if you previously purchased a Harmony Ring, it WILL HAVE the properties of the Torsion Rings available within the Harmony Ring!!!    …No matter how long you have had it, the Torsion Ring properties are now embedded within!!!

And here is the Rest of the story…

The new Rings were created specifically for the Masters Radionics Symposium, October 8, 2015.  Settling into the creation process, I accessed the space by going through the Sacred Space of the Heart.  There I meet myself, along with those who are the guides and protectors of all my etheric tools.  We brought in the Balance and Harmony template, along with the New Cubit Template.  There were two little tornadoes within this space.  When calling in the specific higher Soul selves of those who were part of the Symposium, those who are stepping into their energy mastery, my Dr. friend stepped in with an entire table full of “things” to be offered into the mix.  It became slightly chaotic as the tornadoes came together.  Another large being was present, as if sitting at his desk, overseeing the process with us.

The good Dr. stepped out, and I called in the next person’s higher Soul self, which was my good buddy Marty Lucas.  He simply stepped into the Sacred Circle, dropped something into the tornado, and stepped out.  Later conversations with Marty brought into light the concept of DNA and the “caps” on DNA which were the cause of aging and degeneration.  I too, along with others, could see and feel this truth with that part of our DNA.

Everyone else left.  After what seemed like minutes watching, the chaos came into Balance and Harmony.  A fiery Ring came in to where my etheric templates are housed and protected.  While twisting up fifty feet of 8 gauge wire, I dropped the new Ring template into the copper crystalline.  The twisted copper was then cut into a fraction of the STU (Standard Teotihuacan Unit) Cubit measure, which was first brought to our attention by Master Alchemist Scott Miller.

It was intended that this 3-1/2 inch diameter Ring be fitted on the “wells” of the Radionic machines.  Once at the Symposium that evening though, we found different uses of the new Rings.  Of course Marty is always fun to have energy play with, and he discovered a field in-between two of the Rings (which I was calling Radionic Rings at the time).  The two Rings created a field which felt like two repelling magnetic fields being emitted from the Rings, even though they do not emit magnetic fields.  We were all sitting around after that with two Rings, creating larger and larger fields between the Rings.  No other Rings would create this third field between them!!!  It was a fun evening of energy play in the group.

One person put a Ring on his wrist, took it off and still felt the energetic one in place.  He had an energetic Ring on both wrists, and then put one around his head, on the forehead.  We could all feel the huge funnel-like opening of the crown.  After about thirty minutes of waves of physical shakes and shudders, he came out and was not the same person.  Marty remarked seeing his soul look out his eyes for the first time, in wonder and awe at seeing directly through the eyes of the human.  The next day he still wore the energetic Rings, and was doing amazing clearing and healing work with his new found tools and abilities.

Why Radionics Rings?

Tensor Fields synergize and harmonize well with Radionics.  The Balance and Harmony Rings change the broadcast times drastically with the machines.  If someone had a virus, for instance, the operator finds what frequency to transmit to a person to clear that virus.  What would take nearly 30 minutes to do, was knocked down to less than 20 seconds by using the Harmony Ring over the output of the machine.  And they worked on many more dimensional levels with clients and projects.  Needless to say, these Rings were not what I thought they were going to be…  I wanted to help the Radionics group by giving them tools that gave their machines an even further reach and boost, but found the new Torsion Rings were to help connect and amplify their own abilities as creators…

Spending a week playing with the Torsion Rings is what gave them the name, as these were the only Rings that create a third field, a torsion field, between them.  The new Rings show how powerful the etheric templates are.  The Torsion Rings are dropped into the Balance and Harmony Cubit measure, which have little similarities with one another.  The Water Ring is also an Etheric Template which utilizes the same gauge and measure as the Torsion Rings, and are not even comparable in their energetics.  Though the Torsion Rings are not stable in any of the other Cubit measures other than the Balance and Harmony.

Again, tools anchored into etheric templates are not the same as tools created solely out of intention.  “Intention is everything,” as Thoth always says through my sister Brenda, yet intentions alone will not create a tool that works for every person who picks it up.  It will if there is a knowledge and intention of what the tool was created for, then they will create a working tool with their own intention.

Energy tools, such as Tensor Rings, do not rely on the intention of the user to “create” a working tool.  Of course anything is enhanced by the user’s intentions.  Etheric Templates are anchored in during the creation process, and can function without the intention of the user.  Many who create energy tools, whether aware or not, are creating on a higher plane and anchoring that into the physical.  Lee Carrol and Kryon talk about creating our world in both spirit and science, etheric and physical, otherwise physical creations are just trinkets.  When more people become aware of their creative powers, of the bigger part of them…  Then yay, we can fly this spaceship we call Earth into a whole new way of being, as we all begin to operate on more than just the physical, human, plane of existence.



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