Soul Alchemist


888 – Opening, Connecting, Grounding
Fire Ring – “No Time” and Raising Vibrations
Harmony/Torsion – Moving, Smoothing, Balance & Harmony


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888 connecting you into the Earth.  888 opens the channel to Higher Self, Soul, Source.
We need the connection to Earth as well as connection into Source/Soul.

Come through with Fire and releasing all that is needed to take the step…  to bring in all of you.

Fire- “eliminating” lower vibrations, burning away what don’t need.

Raises vibration of Body Mind Soul.

Fire- engulfs person in fire. Vibration rises, as it rises, your connection comes in more with Earth and Soul.

Vibrations are really high, more than some may comfortably handle.

The Balance and Harmony comes into all that was just done so body comes into Balance and Harmony.


The 888 Ring can be found HERE

More information on the Fire Rings can be found HERE

The standard Balance and Harmony HERE and a lighter gauge HERE

Soul Alchemist Practitioner SetPractitioner Set

The Balance and Harmony is the largest of the three in the Soul Alchemy Practitioner Set.

It is made of an ultra-Heavy 27 inch (69cm) Ring.

Next is the 23″ Fire Ring and the 22-3/4″ 888 Ring, both a standard heavy 6 gauge Ring.


Soul Alchemist Traveler Set

Traveler Set

The 888 is 11-1/2″ (29cm).

The Fire Ring is 10″ and then the 9″ Heavy Harmony Ring.

All are the standard heavy 6 gauge Rings.


Soul Alchemist Companion SetCompanion Set

The Balance and Harmony Ring is 3-1/2″ in diameter.

The Fire Ring is barely an 1/8″ smaller, while the 222 is 3″ across.

I wear the Harmony and Fire on my wrists constantly, while I cannot fit the 222 over my larger hands…


Soul Alchemist Personal Set

Personal Set

The 111 Ring is 1-5/8″ (4cm) and made of the heavier 8 gauge material.

The Balance and Harmony Ring is 1-1/4″ diameter, which translates to a size 14.5 finger Ring.

The Fire Ring is the smallest of the three in this set at 1 inches, and can be used as a size 7 finger Ring.

The three Rings are all made of different gauged wire, 8, 10 and 12 gauge.


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