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Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

Silver Series Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator

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Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

The Silver Series Golden Fire Generator is approximately one inch in diameter.

It can be wore as a necklace, and on any material.

Made of pure .999 Silver.

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Affecting people and Beings through the field of the Sacred Heart and the Quantum Mind

The Golden Fire Generators are one of our most popular and most recommended tools.

The 1" Golden Fire Generator, whether made from silver or from copper, is a powerful little piece.  It covers the area of about one city block, restructuring all forms of EMF (including 5G) as well as clearing dense consciousness, ghosts, etc.  

We usually recommend the 2 to 8 inch Golden Fire Generators for the serious work though, as they have a much larger sphere of influence... covering nearly 2 miles of area!!

More about the Golden Fire Generators can be found here.

If you are drawn to this piece, then that is the right one for you.  If you are looking for a silver Pendant, I still suggest the Infinite Light Pendant or Torus Pendant as our most powerfully profound pendants!

Silver Series Golden Fire Generator

Customer Reviews

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Little Dynamo!

I love my little silver Golden Fire Generator! Easy to carry in a pocket or on a cord. I even put it on my beaded necklaces for fun! Just love it. But then, that’s how I feel about all my Twisted Sage goodies:)

Ting J.
My mom loves it! And I do too!

Ok, so I bought this bundle of energy for my mom to go on a trip. And when she got back I started to wear it, I love how it feels on me...there is a definite shift in energy EVERY time I put it on without fail. I dont notice much when I take it off but when I put it around my neck...just love the feeling. Thank you! <3


I love it,my daughter bought it for me. I am 72 years old, and currently living in very busy place (New York City) and my husband is a lawyer who is always stressed out and would come home full of negative emotions which affects me. Ever since I wore this silver pendant, it made me feel happier and more calm. I rarely believe in things like this, but wearing this made me realize how powerful and how happy it made me. Wearing this makes me feel happier, which affects the people around me, which causes them to be happy too. Many thanks to the person who created this pendant!❤️


This piece shines like no other. Very beautiful and is heavier than it looks, in a good way. Still need more time with it to note noticeable changes although I love sleeping with tensor tools as they make the quality of sleep much better. More dreams which are also more vivid and you really get the most out of the hours you rest.