Galactic Ascension Ring – 26″


A Practicable, Magical, All-Purpose Tool

Again, I prefer the Balance and Harmony Rings as they contain all that the Galactics do,

even though the Galactic Ascension is a higher consciousness Ring, like the Balance and Harmony.

The two synergize well together, which is offered as the Master’s Set.


Made of an ultra-heavy 4 gauge copper wire. is a practicable, magical, all-purpose tool!!!
Expansive enough to encompass your entire Being!!!
Approximately 26″ across​

The Ascension Ring contains:

every known straight-lined Cubit and Tensor Ring frequency

​highest aspects of the Plant, Mineral, and Crystal Kingdoms

​​Earth Elementals

The Council of Light are an integral part of the Ascension Ring

The Council of Light connects automatically through the Ring

Your Higher Soul Self is introduced to the Council of Light

The Council ushers Source Light into specific Light Rays

These Rays are available to the Soul and all of its aspects
​The Light Rays are much more than we understand right now

The Higher Soul Self is the one to access the Ascension Ring

Your Soul is the consciousness that wields the available

frequencies and Light

The Soul will use the Ascension Ring for its Highest & Greatest Good

When a person is in connection with their Soul, they will have a higher perspective of the outcome from this tool

All Soul aspects utilize the Ascension Ring properties, including the aspect of YOU