Infinity Coil


Creates a multidimensional connection to the Light Rays, crystal, mineral, and plant kingdoms, Earth Elementals, and Higher Soul Self and your Multidimensional Heart.  Torsion Field Generator connects your heart and head and MerKaBa fields via the Tensor Field.  Protects from Electromagnetics and Geopathic Stressors.


The Harmony Heart is intertwined with the New Consciousness Coil, creating that Heart/Soul connection.​​~Consciously Connect~The Tensor field from the coil flows in and out both ends simultaneously to create a Torus-shaped energy field.The center of a Tube Torus is a black Whole, a portal where the incoming and outgoing flow meet.  The black Whole connects All that Is and is the point of Creation.Use your attention and intention to create, transmute, harmonize, heal, and so forth.  The Tube Torus and the black Whole are important tools.The Infinity Coil innately creates a Multidimensional connection to the Light Rays, crystal, mineral, and plant kingdoms, Elementals, and Higher Soul Self and Soul Aspects- for the Greatest Good.~Connecting with the Council of Light~When approaching the Council of Light, come from a State of Gratitude.You may meet an emissary to the Council of Light.To connect with the Rays, call in the most beneficial Beings to bring in the most beneficial Rays for what you desire.This is done while giving attention to the intention, and coming from a State of Gratitude.Consciously set the intention that all that happens is for your Highest and Greatest Good, and the Greatest Good for All.Being in the Sacred Space of the Heart will assist you in being in a State of Gratitude.Your MerKaBa and the Sacred Space of the Heart both have a Tube Torus which shares the same epicenter.  You can consciously connect those two centers with the center of your Ascension Coil, which amplifies every field and intention.

I use my coil by simply visualizing the Tube Torus and placing an intention into this central point of Creation.  Connect to and visualize this energy field encompassing a sore elbow or a virus within the body, with the intention to heal, to bring into wholeness and harmony, or whatever you choose as a Creator.

You are a Creator.

This tool can assist Conscious Creation.​

The 177 MHz Cubit Coil measures approximately 3″ long by 3/8″ across.  A smaller sized 1″ Harmony Heart is woven in to make a coil approximately 4″ in length.  The coil is generally wore as a pendant.

This one of a kind energy tool is shown effective in the use of restructuring EMFs and Geopathic stress.  The Tensor coil creates a Tube Torus  3/4 mile in diameter.

A strong field of energy envelopes the hand when held, felt by most.
Because of the Infinite Heart at the bottom of the coil, the Tube Torus of the Tensor Coil connects with, amplifies, and strengthens the electromagnetic Tube Torus of your Heart, Head, and MerKaBa Field.
The field creates resonance with the natural state of the human in all dimensional realities. 
The coil helps propel its user into a state of natural grace.  The coil is here to serve your transformation into the new world vibration.  
The Coil is created from the 177 MHz Cubit and the Infinite Heart from the Balance and Harmony, DNA transformations occur with these tools.

It is also an excellent tool for Astral Travel and DreamWork.