Harmony Coil


The Harmony Coil & the Rainbow of Light

The power in Grace and Ease through Balance and Harmony


This energetically bright and blinding coil brings through its own power, a clearing energy in the form of a clear energy which can clean and clear all. This clear energy, found on the outer edge, precedes the luminous colors which are its toroidal field.

It is a very personal tool, though it can be shared.  While the traditional coils create a tube torus that radiates for miles, the Harmony Coil is that of a personal connection.

It allows your own Light, along with that of Earth and Source, to be brought into the coil to be part of its field.  As you connect to it, it cleans and clears.

Whatever your Soul Light is or does, it comes through the coil.  As your Light fills the environment in which you are connected with, water and food are cleared, and your environment is cleared.

There is a remembering for those who do connect with it…  

There is a power in Grace and Ease through Balance and Harmony. 

The full length of the Harmony Coil with Harmony Heart is 7” and is ¾” in diameter.  It is made of heavier 12 gauge copper, with 12 wraps.  The 1/12 Cubit Harmony Heart is created out of flattened 12 gauge copper.

The Harmony Coil could be considered heavy and bulky as a pendant, but I love to wear it as such.

There are many other aspects of the Coil family which come through, but for the dream state, it certainly will make you remember dreams when you connect and sleep with it near.  After wearing the creation for one day, I had a 4 hour span of intense download headaches, which is also attributed to the Star Octahedron as an alternative MerKaBa Field, as well as the Tibetan quartz pendants which the Master Alchemyst at The Crystal Hotel had just sent.  It was these crystals that gave the boost to finally being able to complete the Harmony Coil, which had been in creation for months!!!    I also believe that the new Source Rays are coming through the Harmony Coil – whether they are coming through from my own Light or through the coil… It is my intention to get the Harmony Coil out there to get feedback rolling in, so we can see more of what it is doing.  So please share your experiences <3