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Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators
4 Inch Golden Fire Generator
2-1/2" Generator
Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators
Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators

Golden Fire Tensor Field Generators

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Golden Fire Generators

2" Generator on Closeout!

Emanating the energies of unconditional love, peace, harmony, and connection, Golden Fire Generators create a 2-1/2 mile radius of space that clears and transforms non-beneficial energies, affecting everyone within the field, whether or not they are conscious of the energetic shift. On some level, they feel peace, and that energy remains with them as a seed planted for the soul to further cultivate.  Our most popular Generator for EMF clearing!

Carry the generator with you to clear and Lighten space wherever you go. Place crystals in the center to amplify the energetics of the crystals, or speak an intention into the generator, and it will amplify the highest aspects of that intention, affecting everything within the sphere of influence.

For durability, if carried in backpacks and purses, the 2" generator is suggested (or the HP Generator on the Tensor Field Generator Page). The 2-1/2" is a much lighter gauge, and can be crushed easily in a bag, but is a desirable model for its affordability. For adding crystals and other objects within your generator to amplify, or if you prefer more of a mantle piece, the 8" is a great option. The 8" is also wonderful to have for use in classrooms, sharing circles, or working with kids, as they can hold it when they need to calm, clear, and ground.

***Generators are not perfectly spherical.***

Due to the weave pattern used to create a tensor field generator, the rings are impossible to make perfectly round. This is more pronounced on the smaller generators.

1" Golden Fire Generators are for your personal field. 
For the environment and neighborhood, all other sizes of Generators are more suitable.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Simply Amazing!

I'm new to energy tools and when buying others in the past I never really could notice changes. I assume they are working just can't see it or feel it. But with this generator I could actually feel the energy and see results. I'm sensitive to emfs and work from a computer all day. With this generator, it helps dramatically with that. Just holding it in my hand gives me an energy boost. Plus my home feels better to live in. It's hard to explain it just feels more peaceful. Because of these results I just bought the wand. Can't wait for it to arrive.

David P.
Love my Golden Fire Tensor

Very happy with the purchase of the Golden Fire Tensor. My daughter had a terrible migraine this morning. While she was curled up in pain, the Golden Fire Tensor was on a bookcase close to her. When I came home, she walked her dog, and I asked how she felt. She said much better. Once home, she said did you put this in my room. I said yes when you were curled up in pain.
This just happened today 05/20/2025. David

Golden Fire

I love this, it looks so beautiful and gives off a really powerful energy field. It feels like the stagnant energy in the property where I live is slowly beginning to lift and transform into cooperation rather than backstabbing and resentment. I supercharged my crystal in it, I whisper my intentions into it, I like to sleep with it right by my head. It is a magical orb. I put bottles of water into it and they get loads of tiny little bubbles , even a light froth at the surface- it looks like sparkling water! I have tried other things to strucutre water before but they were not as dramatic as this. The water is alive and full of energy

Energy Restored

These tools are a work of art, in the physical plane as well as the spiritual plane. My dreams have increased and my inner clarity has been restored as it was in my childhood. I could say much much more, but I really just want to extend my blessings to everyone involved at twisted sage!!❤️

Golden Fire Tensor Field Generator and Meditation

I am so pleased with the effects of the Golden Fire Tensor. Truly there are no words that I can express to thank Brian for making this tool and will be looking for more. At first it seemed that I didn't know how to use it or where to place it in my apartment but after I while I noticed that it had an energetic impact on my surroundings. I noticed this especially when I placed it over my head when meditating. Wow! I am not sure if that is what the tool could be used for (I see that it is part of the larger pyramidal kit) but I can say that it definitely improves the ability to clear unwanted energies so that one can better focus and meditate on the things that matter.