Dream Oscillator


We are no longer making the Dream Oscillators,
here at the Studio. 

It is our intention to create an updated version,
possibly this winter of 2018.


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The Dream Oscillator affects all realities and all dimensions,

while the bigger You anchors more into the human than ever before.

Truly a tool of high Soul Alchemy.

As you connect into this multidimensional tool, it automatically drops you into the Sacred Space of the Heart.

Once in the Heart, and you are spinning the Oscillator, the field builds around you and begins changing the body.

• Cleaning and clearing.
• The Heart is opened.
• Creates a higher Soul connection.
• Brings in the knowledge and wisdom of all that you are.
• Quantum DNA is brought on-line through a Liquid Crystal Activation.
• More Light is brought into your Being.
• Helps connect you into the Crystal Sun within the Earth, and with Source.
The Liquid Crystal Quantum DNA Activation flows with the Higher Soul Self to ALL the Soul’s Aspects throughout all Time, Space, Dimensions, and incarnations past, present, and future… there are really no words or concepts to describe what truly occurs here.

The human’s releasing of programs and beliefs gets easier and easier with the higher Soul connection.
There is so much that continues afterwards. More cleaning and clearing. Forever cleaning and clearing, as cannot move forward with the Old. Forever cleaning and clearing in order to allow Quantum DNA to expand more, to bring in the Light. Brings in more Light.
Anchors the all that You are into the Human, in Balance and Harmony.
As it sits, it does all that each of the Tensor Rings do individually. Even while stationary, the Oscillator produces a field thousands of feet across.
The set of Rings change completely when spins. All the Tensor Rings come together as One.
As the Oscillator is used, it creates a field.
The energetics of the Fire Rings also come in as the Oscillator is spinning.
You automatically step into the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber just by connecting with the tool.

Innate of the Rings

The outermost Ring is the 888 Ring, which acts as a bridge, connecting you and whatever you see the greater You as. The Ring brings in the Love of Soul- the Golden Light of the Soul. It is from this space and place that you bring into your reality what really matters.
The next Ring is the Balance and Harmony Ring. It does healing, clearing, and activating. The Harmony Ring replicates the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber within the Oscillator.
The third Ring is the Torsion Ring.  Torsion Rings rejuvenate DNA as a whole, including the Caps which directly influence the deterioration process.
The two small outer Rings are the Torsion Rings as well, which also helps the user co-create the Oscillator field.
The Torsion Torus is found at the center, acting as facilitator of knowledge and wisdom, cleaning and clearing, and connecting.
  • The Torsion Torus creates a flow of energy, known as a tube torus. At the center of the Torsion Torus is a black hole. Within this central space is a no time zone. Brings everything together.
    It is a multidimensional tool, in that it is works with more than just the human… Twelve petals of the Torus = twelve Soul Aspects including the Human. Bringing all of You into a one-ness. Knowledge and information of the Soul’s aspects into you.
    Each of these 12 lives have information, the Torsion Torus helps to consolidate that information to you, the one who holds the physical tool.
    As you hold it, it brings the knowledge of all that you are into this space. Helps greatly to facilitate that connection. When connecting with the Torsion Torus, its field nests within your own tube torus.
    Knowledge, wisdom, cleaning, and clearing… cleaning and clearing for more information to come in.
    The 3-1/2″ Torsion Torus has been created from 12 Torsion Rings, plus two more to bring it all together. This is carried within the Standard Balance and Harmony Ring.

Once the Torsion Torus is placed in the center of the Oscillator, it becomes even more multidimensional, and helps connect with the OverSoul and all incarnations past present future in all time and space, dimensions and realities.

Truly a tool of high Soul Alchemy

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Bringing Balance and Harmony into darkest corners of the Being, raising the whole and complete you in frequency and vibration.