5D Animator / Ascension Chamber

What is it?

The tower of Rings creates a 300 mile-wide tube torus.  The Tensor Rings are created from twisted copper hoops cut to very specific measurements, which are antennae for beneficial Light frequencies.

When you step into this column of Light, you immediately become aligned with the bigger You, bringing all into Balance and Harmony.


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What you may experience:

∞ Simple access to the Sacred Space of the Heart.

∞ Grounds you into the Earth, as well as into the Higher Self /Source/Soul.

∞ Balancing of the Mind, the Body, and the Spirit.

∞ Cleaning, clearing, and healing on the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

∞ Ancestral clearing and healing.

∞ Clearing of non-beneficial energy attachments, including Entities and energetic implants.

∞ Release Soul Contracts that no longer serve you.

∞   Align Time, Space, and Dimensions, integrating past present and future into a higher frequency.

∞ Liquid Crystal Quantum DNA Activation 

∞ Balance, align, and activate all chakras that are for your greatest good.

∞ Clearing away of programs, beliefs, and emotions that no longer serve you.

∞ Clear and integrate lost Soul Shards.

∞ Connect with your Star Family and Soul Group to unlock all DNA and Soul Codes back to Source.

∞ Clean, clear, and heal the physical, mental, and emotional bodies.

∞ Once all Downloads and Uploads are complete, you can simply activate your multiple multidimensional crystalline MerKaBa Fields with a breath.

“There is nothing quite like the Chamber, anywhere on this side of the Universe.”

In just  five minutes, the bigger You anchors more into the human you, more than it has ever been before.

“Truly a tool of high Soul Alchemy.”

– Brian Besco, Co-Creator of the 5D Animator

Complete Chambers are now available for purchase.  They start at $12K plus delivery and set-up.

Chambers are also available to rent.  Rates and applications available upon request.

Staying Connected and Furthering Growth

Your most direct and profound connection to Soul/Self/Source is through the Sacred Space of the Heart.

You can call in this column of Light, which is the   5D Animator / Ascension Chamber, by simply visualizing and intending it.

Again, the Sacred Space of the Heart is the most powerful place to connect and manifest.

We have several videos on YouTube to help in returning you to the Sacred Space of the Heart.

There are many other free activations and attunements available at our YouTube channel, twistedsagedotcom.  The 5D Animator video meditation is also available for those who may not have access to the Chamber in person.

More on the MerKaBa at www.crystalmerkaba.com

The Mt Shasta Experience

Chamber number four was anchored in at 9:27 PM, Sacramento River Headwaters, Mt Shasta, California- three minutes before Spring Equinox.

The entire Twistedsage Studios team pitched in and spent nearly five weeks on this newest Chamber prior to its anchoring.  Within two weeks, Kait transformed 170 pounds of steel into a 14-foot tall, polished and brushed Chamber skeleton.  We lovingly began to call it the “holographic” Chamber because of the polished steel surface texture.  It features a steel lotus nestled into a 27” Harmony Generator atop the Chamber, its three-foot stamen holding the upper Oscillator.

The 127-Ring Fruit-of-Life Floorplate matrix was done in a finer gauge of Harmony Ring and Eco-poxy, creating a crystal-clear window into the underside of the Chamber.  The underside of the Chamber contains a 20”, one-of a kind 222 Floorplate sitting on a double 888 Gaia Sphere.  The bottom Oscillator hangs and spins within the Gaia Sphere.  Five Activators sit within the crystal grid below, which is made of two differing time-lines of Lemurian Crystals, selenite, a Master Amethyst, and some ultra-rare UV-fluorescing friends who recently landed in our reality- and is all light up with color-change LED and UV lighting.

The nine 27” Harmony Rings and three Torsion Rings cascade down around the person, and are some of the most potent Rings I have ever felt for pulling you directly into the Heart Space.  The Tube Torus at the top of the Column is made entirely of the 888 Rings, a dozen wired-in selenite wands, and a natural double-terminate selenite crystal in the center of the Torus.  And of course, the Star-light above the Tube Torus is the Stellated-Dodecahedron, the 12-pointed Star that is seen as the new base geometry of Gaia.  There is a Galactic Ascension Ring on top of the Star, and a Fire Ring around the Gaia Sphere at the base, holding space for all the higher-consciousness frequencies of Rings to be represented in the newest Chamber.

We were called to Mt Shasta by Aurora Luna Griggs several months earlier, which is another story of Divine guidance and synchronicities.  This was the first time the Holographic Chamber had been fully assembled, anchoring it’s 300-mile-wide Tensor torsion field of pulsing awakening codes for all who chose to receive.  The space, rented from the City of Mt Shasta, sat less than 100 yards from the Headwaters of the Sacramento River.  The ceilings were not tall enough for the Chamber, but there happened to be a door in the ceiling just big enough to stand the 14+ foot tower in.  We anchored in with three minutes to spare before ceremony.  It was all in the flow, to say the least.

The Equinox ceremony consisted of bringing in Gaia, the Earth’s Elementals, the consciousness of Mt Shasta, as well as the guardians of the Mountain, the guardian of the Chamber, and our own Higher Soul Selves and Soul’s Aspects in the form of the Soul Matrix.  It was most certainly a party!!!  We witnessed the grids ignite with an electric blue light energy.  There was a large crystal being who was to be the one to usher through the countless beings, on and in the Mountain, who chose to go through the Chamber as well.  I also saw an etheric one taken into the Mountain.  The Light Anchoring also included the Headwaters.

Once we were complete with the ceremony and invited in all those who “tuned in” for the event to step into the Chamber, we took turns going through the Chamber ourselves.  For me, it was super intense the first time.  I was standing in a ferocious upward flow of energy, with that electric blue energy wisping through.  It felt like all that I was, was being pulled out of me.  After a minute or so of trusting the flow, I began to shift, and felt myself being pulled down into what I could now recognize as a tube torus.  I totally became the torus, which I saw as orange-reddish gold colored, and it was situated right in the center of Mt Shasta.

The next day, people were noting the waves of tangible energy as they got close to the area.  Some of the first people to step through the Chamber were locals, who dropped codes into the grid.  They even noted that is what happened, and that the experience was of one of both giving and receiving.  This was super powerful to witness.  So many phenomenal incarnate beings in that area….

The entire day was filled with attendees going through the Chamber.  Michael and Aurora assisted in this endeavor, while Michael also did sessions throughout the day and night.  The sound and light grids that Michael co-creates and works with is its own story and journey.  It is definitely an honor to have had Michael on the journey!

The Mt Shasta community-  We met many great beings from the community around the City of Mt Shasta.  I synchronistically locked my keys in the car and the police showed up and got them out!!!  We were well received, and people were friendly and helpful throughout.  The entire experience was beyond magical.  It even worked out that we did all workshop, ceremony, sessions, and Chamber rides by donation only.  Many of us feel there is someone in the community who will purchase a Chamber, and look forward to returning very soon!  And not just to bring a Chamber 😉

Michael asked me as we were packing up: “you ever been high on life?”  And I didn’t understand why he was asking, even as I was skipping and dancing around.  The entire next day, all of the world seemed so vibrant- seeing blossoms on trees made me break into tears.  The experience was beyond magic and ecstasy.

I hope everyone who chooses to, is able to tap into the 5D Animator Headwaters Experience.  You can put yourself into the Chamber by simply watching the YouTube video of the 5D Animator.  Even though the video is older, the energy of the new Chamber will be there.  This energetic column of Light is freely accessible for anyone who wishes to connect with and utilize it.  As with any of our tools, they are only able to be used in the Highest and Best.

The Golden White Rod is also carried within the new Chamber, and is accessible through the energetic column of Light that is the Chamber.  Just imagine putting these two together as a functioning unit!  Best of all, this etheric column of Light is always available for anyone to use.  Utilizing this energetic column of Light, which is the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber, can take your grid work, as well as clearing and healing work, to a whole new level.  And this is the beginning of the next chapter!!


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