New Videos

Two new video interviews with Brian Besco and the Tensor Rings.

Touches on the energetic counter-parts to the Tensor Rings,
and why the Tensor Fields are so powerful in clearing, connecting, and transformations.

We discuss the Tensor Rings in regards to environmental clearing and energetic transformations,
including EMF, Radionic, HARP, Geomagnetics, dense consciousness in all forms,
and lower vibrational energies in general.

  • Tensor Fields create a space for higher soul connections,
    including the cleaning and clearing, activating and attuning, and bringing it into the physical.
  • Tensor Fields are shown in science to transform water both physically and energetically.


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Quantum Conversations with Lauren Galey

Tensor Rings as Transformational Energy Tools We discuss the scientific basis of the Tensor Rings,
but the focus will be on the higher dimensional aspects of the Tensor Rings.
We will learn about the Tensor Fields, and the importance of what goes into the Fields
for all the physical and energetic transformations to occur.
The true power and potency of the Tensor Tools comes through from the higher dimensional aspects of the tools,
which are created through heart-based consciousness.

A link to Lauren Galey can be found here: