mini Light Wand

mini golden light wand

The mini Light Wand is just as powerful as the full-sized Golden Light Wand.

Energetically, it’s a golden rod about 22 inches tall, its fuzzy rainbow-color energy vibrates along with a humming sound. The sound coming from the rod is used for healing, clearing, and everything. The color and sound work together as part of what this tool is. The mini Light Wand is a physical bridge to this energetic tool.

The approx. four inch brass rod (specifically 11.7711 cm) is a sacred measure, a 1/9 fraction of the Teotihuacan Unit. The golden-light rod exists on a higher dimensional plane and anchors into the physical through the mini Light Wand.

As the Higher Soul Self steps in to hold the rod, the work we do directly affects the Soul aspects throughout time, space, and dimensions.
When a person holds the wand, they are engulfed in a Golden-White Light. Clearing takes place with the person and vibrations are raised all around them. This brings through more than just personal and environmental clearing and healing, rather situations and realities are also cleared and healed in the process.

Short Instructions:

Simply make the statement, while holding the rod, that you are in the Heart Space, and it is so.
Make the statement that you are clean and clear.
Clean and clear throughout all time, space, dimensions. Clean and clear of programs and beliefs which hold you in a particular perspective, or reality.
Then all is a void as All that you are, along with the Universe, put your reality back together again.
As you hold the wand, a bubble expands from you. You can also, with intent, focus the energy.

Sacred Space of the Heart: Imagine your consciousness as a little ball of light, the size of a marble. Your consciousness sits right behind the pineal gland in the middle of the brain. Before we were born, our consciousness resided in the heart. Within the physical heart are tens-of-thousands of brain cells. At some time during or after the birth process, we moved into the brain.
When we step back into the Heart, it is where we access our multidimensional Soul-selves. It is a place ego cannot go. While doing this energy work, its imperative to be in the Heart Space.

To use the wand:

Hold with intention of entering the Heart Space. You may be able to feel it, as the heart expands. Trust it is so, as it is.
When doing the work, all time, space, and dimensions are aligned for the work to be complete. The Golden-White Light cleans and clears. Your field is completely cleaned and cleared as your entire Being raises in vibration. Lower vibrational programs, and beliefs are cleared in the process.
With intention, implants, entities, cords, and all other non-beneficial attachments are completely gone.
Brings you to a clean slate, completely clean and cleared. Programs, Beliefs, and even Karma, is completely cleared in a moment.
What’s brought back in, is between you and the Universe and You.

A physical energy tool: Use as a wand to focus energy, raising everything in frequency and vibration, resulting in cleaning, clearing, and healing. The wand has a soothing affect rolling across the skin.

Working with other people: Again, begin by being in the Heart Space, being clean and clear, and perhaps grounded and connected. The wand creates sacred space, in the form of an energy bubble around you.
As your soul holds the etheric rod, you invite who you wish into your circle, and offer them the rod. Those who’s Souls are on board to have the clearing work done will accept it. If it is not part of the Soul’s path, the clearing won’t affect them. The Soul will know, so just trust the outcome.
I feel a swoosh when the person does the work, almost like anchoring in. I feel it super intense when someone else does the work, though most people doing it will only note that a shift took place!!!

While you are in that space, it is a great opportunity to simply “call in” the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber as a column of Light, holding space for the person’s Soul to step into the column. More on the Chamber at

Environmental- Go to where you want to clear with intentions of doing so. This does not have to be in the physical, you can simply imagine being there. Balls of white Light come out the end of the rod, swirling and covering the whole area. A sphere of Golden White Light encompasses the workspace, including the earth below, no matter if doing it by distance or in person.
For an instant, there is a void, as everything is sucked up and then explodes out in white Light. All that is left is a feeling of Grace and Ease to the environment. The area is left clean and clear and in a high vibrational state. This bubble extends throughout time, dimensions, and realities, causing a residual effect of the work completed.

Just as the Golden Light Dowsing Rods are used to clear or reroute non-beneficial energy Lines, so can the Golden Light Wand, with intention. The white Light explodes out and shoots down the grid lines, clearing them. You can even clear non-beneficial portal/vortexes with your intention and the Wand.

Most importantly- As you do any of the work, don’t try to bring about things to be in a certain way. Nor try to anchor anything in, or fill in spaces, or whatever. Just trust and leave it up to your Higher Soul Self. The guides stress over and over to not limit anything by trying to put it into a box. To step out of the way and allow.

Truth and Harmony
When you use these tools, the energy field in that reality is changed, and everything comes back into Truth and Harmony. Not everyone will be attracted to these tools, as they perpetuate Truth and Harmony within the reality.

There are a small number of Souls who do not take the Golden Light Rod when offered, even if their human does. It’s certainly not everyone’s journey.

The energetic aspect of the mini Light Wand is found in both the Golden Light Wand and the Golden Light Dowsing Rods.

Dowsing Rods will be coming soon!