Meter Ring

Update: Meter Ring may be placed inside your Fuse Panel to receive all the same benefits as on the meter itself!!! We have added more to the Meter Ring’s Etheric Template to work with even more frequencies!!!

Inspired by Master Dowser Shelley Darling, of Golden Light Dowsing. The Meter Ring fits snugly over any Smart Meter housing, transforming all electrical emissions in the home!!

Raises the vibration of the House, which raises the vibrations of the occupants. Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space.

Works throughout an entire electrical circuit, as well as back up out the distribution line. And even raises the frequency and vibration of the food in your refrigerator, one of our homes biggest Electro Magnetic Field (EMF) emitters!!

Tensor Rings alone cannot accomplish such a tall order, yet Tensor Fields are the carrier wave for higher frequencies to be anchored into the precisely measured twisted copper hoops.

It is the energetics of the Balance and Harmony Rings, Gaia and the Earth Elementals, and the frequencies and properties of Unconditional Love, which flow through the electrical wiring of the building. Thus enveloping the entire house in transformative, healing, loving, energy – making Home feel like Home!!!

We have found that Smart Meters are standard sized, allowing the 6- 3/8″ inside diameter Ring to fit perfectly over the clear plastic housing. Can be used on any size of building which uses a standard electric meter. Once weathered slightly, a patina will set in on the copper, making it nearly invisible!!

Our local Electrical Distribution companies stated the meters are owned by the electrical company, and there are laws and regulations against tampering with meters. But it was also determined that as long as the Ring is not interfering with the transmission of the smart meter data, then it is not tampering. They further stated that the meters are not physically inspected unless there is a malfunction with the transmission of the Smart Meter. With the extensive testing that we have done with the Tensor Rings and frequency emitting devices such as routers and cell phones, there has been no interference with signals!

Testing instruments will still pick up an electromagnetic signature, as Tensor Fields do not block , rather change, the quality of EMF from non-beneficial to beneficial.