Let’s Get Rolling!

Hi guys!

Keep an eye out for our staff spotlight that will posted here every so often to highlight all of our AMAZING team members! We’re also going to put a staff page on the website so you can put the faces to the names so send us some good vibes as we work to get that going!

Next, we’ll also be doing some product spotlights and sharing their benefits and uses. I’m super excited about that since I get to learn even more about our tools! Let us know which tools you want to see highlighted!



Mike E. 

Mike “the polishing guy” Edwards, joined the Twistedsage family in February of 2019. Before moving to the Black Hills to build his retirement home, he was a certified Manufacturing Process Engineer, repairing jet engine airfoils! As for retirement? Not after feeling the pull to join such a great group of people working together for a greater cause! 

Mike is great about polishing everything and if there’s ever any fixes to be made, Mike has a solution! Not to mention he’s always happy and such a great energy to be around!!

As a last sendoff, what have you gained from using our tools?