Harmony Torus

Harmony Torus

~Harmony Torus~

Your Heart creates an electro-magnetic donut-shaped field known as a Tube Torus. This toroidal field simply describes the way in which energy flows. From the molecular level, to the creation of galaxies, energy flows in this basic tube torus pattern.

The Seed of Life is a one dimensional representation of the Genesis pattern, representing the original eight cells of creation. A second six-petaled flower is offset from the first. Creating a flow both inward and outward in a spiraling motion.

The Tube Torus design, as viewed from above, also appears as a crop circle in May of 2009.

We are seeing that this pattern alone is giving us awakening codes and remembrance.

Tensor Rings create columns of light which extend out for miles. Using a specific frequency of Tensor Ring which connects with our DNA, the Harmony Torus creates resonant patterns of Light codes within our DNA.

This tool has also been used for healing applications. As you hold on to the any of the Ascension or the Harmony Rings, it is seen that your Higher Soul Self and all your Soul Aspects are holding onto the Ring at the same time. This brings ALL of YOU together from across time, space, and dimensions to partake in the healing and clearing.

We have seen where someone has cancer. They hold onto their dis-ease. It is their story, their own empowerment and way to get energy on an unconscious level. Once their Higher Soul Self comes in, it will usually say NO, this is not for our highest and greatest good. It is then seen as a tug-of-war for the energy of the cancer between the person and the tool. The Tube Torus takes the cancer, encapsulates it so the person cannot have it back. Of course, anything of a lower vibration is transmuted within the Tensor Rings.

The Harmony Torus pulls the cause of discordant energy from the body. It changes the field, transmuting the cause, purifying the area, bringing it into balance, and then changing the cell memory of the affected area.

Examples of harmonizing dis-ease within the body:
• A tooth ache- it goes in to work with the cause of the pain, the infection for instance.
• The common cold- going to the virus within the body, which has brought the body out of balance. It transmutes the virus to bring the body back into balance.
• A cracked bone in a leg, brings in amazing colors with the tube torus which surrounds the bone, to heal it.

The Harmony Torus does not need to be placed on the affected area of the body, as the toroidal field will simply travel with your attentions and intentions to where it needs to be.

The process is not complicated- you are guiding it, trust in that.

The Harmony Torus presents the body with colors and vibrations when you connect with it. In that connection to the person, it brings Grace and Ease, Balance and Harmony, and changes in the structure of DNA. It Activates the DNA, changing the body, the mind, and the connection to the Soul. The Harmony Torus brings DNA into Balance and Harmony with the new world we are moving into.

• Downloads DNA information quickly and efficiently
• Acts as antenna that receives the correct light construct and geometries for healing and changing the DNA
• it brings DNA, through the spectrums of light, to match more of the soul matrix of the person

This is a multidimensional, multilayered tool, found working on more than just this physical plane. Hence it is working with all bodies… the emotions, the whole being, bringing all into Balance and Harmony.

Using the Harmony Torus connects you throughout time, space, and dimensional planes much more than the Harmony Rings alone.

Intentions can control size of energy field. In its natural state, it is about the size of a room. You can expand it 100 yards (90 meters) out, and it will still have a strong influence. That is a two football field toroidal field!

You can control the size by a simple intention, as it is connected to you and your intentions and will follow where your attention goes.

Crystals or stones may be placed inside or on top of the Harmony Torus, amplifying the crystal’s properties and transmitting the information carried by the crystal.

Like all Tensor Technologies, the Harmony Torus restructures electromagnetics and water.

• Restructures unorganized, non-life affirming, Electromagnetic Fields, which are non-harmonious to biological life
• keeps our internal waters flowing clean and clear
• maintains strong and healthy cellular energy
• brings water back to its original crystalline structure
• It can structure any water within its range

The Torus is very organic. It connects into the pulse of life and neutralizes harmful, non-life affirming, discordant energies.

Use the tube torus as a vehicle, connecting the Harmony Torus to the toroidal fields of your MerKaBa and of your Heart. Then expand out and see where you go….

The Harmony Torus is 7 inches in Diameter

The Harmony Torus has an all new etheric template. Because of the Balance and Harmony Rings, the Harmony Torus does all that the Ascension Torus is capable of. The Ascension Torus is still available, currently only upon request. The Ascension Torus is 8 inches in Diameter.