Harmony Ring

Harmony Ring

The base energy of the Harmony Ring is Balance and Harmony.

The Harmony Ring contains the frequencies and properties of all the Rings before it, including the:

144 MHz Sacred Cubit
177 MHz Lost Cubit
188 MHz
333 MHz
764 MHz
Galactic Ascension

Just those frequencies and properties, alone, is huge!!  …more information on these frequencies and properties at the “Tensor Rings?” page.

More about the Harmony Ring, including it’s creation story, can be found at this “Harmony Cubit” link.

The Balance and Harmony Ring cleanses distortion fields from around the body very quickly. Lower vibrations change fast into whatever they need to be or they just evaporate.

The Harmony Ring also creates a stronger connection to your entire Entourage- all of those who walk with You in the Highest and Best for You- allowing you to become more fully aware of your Entourage.

The Ring is vibrating to three vibrations- past, present and future, helping to integrate them into a higher frequency.

The Balance and Harmony Ring brings you in touch with Earth, as a Human of Earth.  Balance of Mind Body Spirit.

Elementals of Earth come through the Ring to bring in Remembering Codes, but not like Codes from the Sun

Codes from the Sun shine through the Ring, coming through our Sun from places such as the Central Sun, moving the Earth into a whole new frequency.

If not ready to accept these Codes, they won’t come through. If you are ready, they will enter the Pineal and travel through to the Heart. There are matching Codes within the Heart that match those coming through the Ring. When you are in Harmony and Balance, and the time is right, these Codes Activate. They Activate what are strictly your Gifts.

As connections are made and You enter into Balance and Harmony in the Heart, and your Mind is settled, you hear and know and see more than you ever have in the past. Simply go with the intent of doing so, along with the knowingness that you can. ~ Brenda Schnose

The Harmony Rings may be used in pairs to create a Torsion field between the two Rings.

This third field is not found in any other Ring but the Fire Ring.

When looking at DNA, a “cap” appears on one end.  As these DNA Caps deteriorate, so does the body.  Science has shown this too.  Torsion Rings rejuvenate DNA as a whole, including the Caps.  Though can only Rejuvenate one’s body as far as their BELIEF system allows.

You can use just one Ring and your other hand, to create the Field.

Neon colors pulsate- blues, purples, pinks, greens.  Coming from oversoul, down from You, through the Rings.  Bringing the Mind, Body, Heart connection more into Harmony.  Brings about a rejuvenation of Mind Body Heart.  Brings in a greater connection of the Mind Body Heart with the soul.

It is a tool.  It amplifies the energy so you can feel that energy with the body that the oversoul is sending in.

You can put yourself within the Field, your whole body, completely in the Field.  In doing that, you are connecting into the whole and complete You throughout all time space dimensions incarnations, including the human in the here now.  Within that energy, you JUST BE.  Don’t direct.  Trust in everything that you are, who you truly are.

Again, don’t direct it, or you will miss out on something greater by limiting yourself.  Just Be!!!

Trust that the energies and rejuvenation is there for you as the Human on this Earth.

There is so much more of You helping you to make your world more.

The creation story of these “Torsion” Rings can also be found here.

Contains the Etheric Template of both the 5D Animator and the Ascension Rings

Ethereally use the chamber at night by visualize Ring above head or around Heart, creating a column of light around you.

Ring works when there is an allowing of Mind, Body, and Soul. The Soul is on board, as it is for the Highest and Greatest Good. The unconsciousness of the Body knows, it is on board as well. The Mind is the one that needs to be on board.

To use the Ring for all that the Chamber does, there needs to be an Allowing to happen. Again, the Body and Soul are allowing the experience, it is the Mind that needs something to hold onto- some Brain Candy perhaps… 🙂

One of my favorite uses: placing the Ring on the crown for a couple of minutes, allowing it to sink down and around the Pineal… this is super powerful and you can then replicate it at anytime, with or without the Ring….. and now you are using the etheric Ring 🙂

One of our tool readers said:

“This ring is like a record keeper Crystal. I am seeing far into the past and feeling and experiencing what things were like as far as I want to go.
 It even works for other planets. It really connects me to the physical ness of Earth or Venus or whatever planet I focus on.

 So I see why it clears distortion of the physical body it works well on the third plane and brings awareness to a person of all the other planes. And more. So yes this ring is a good water ring and stone ring too.”

These Heavy Duty Rings come in various sizes: The 3 inch Ring (inside diameter) will fit most as a bracelet, and is a very practical and portable size tool. My absolute favorite for some time.  Heavy 6 Gauge and Standard 8 Gauge Ring.

The 20 and 27 inch Rings are Ultra Heavy Duty gauge of Rings made of the 4 gauge copper wire. The 27” is just slightly larger than the Large Ascension Ring, and they work PHENOMENALLY well together.

The smallest of this Ring still contains the same Etheric Template, and is just as powerful. They work very well as pendants or to carry in your pocket or key-chain. 1-3/4″ Ring is of 8 gauge construction, 1-1/4″ a 10 gauge Ring, and the 1″ is still a heavy 12 gauge.

The 9″ Balance and Harmony Ring-  This Ring will fit easily over most heads, to be wore around the neck.  This Ring is a versatile size, and can be used for most any purpose, such as under your bed, pillow, or chair.  Around your water containers, refrigerator, computer, ailing plant, medications, etc.

The customer who requested this Ring had this to say-  Wow this new ring around my neck is quite the altered state!   Very subtle and clean!
Others reactions have ranged from the feeling of being Ancient, to just the holy wows this is something…

I still like to wear it for a boost, though it took me three days until I could wear it for a full day…. it is super potent and powerful.

It is not the size of the physical Ring that gives it its power and potency, it is the etheric version of the Ring, it’s etheric template.

… and knowing that you always have an etheric Ring available

is much more expansive to you than having just a physical Ring!!!