Harmony Handbook

Harmony Handbook Cover

This 48 page manual gives you complete access to the 5D Animator / Light Chamber, through the Harmony Ring.

Easily acquire the skills and knowledge to do basic and advanced energy work, from creating your Sacred Circle to connecting Soul to Soul. The Harmony Handbook is full of easy to follow exercises, processes, activations and attunements, 37 in all!!

Not necessarily a Handbook for beginners, as advanced exercises are covered, yet there is an ease of access to the information so anyone can follow along to completion without harm nor foul.

Nowhere else can you activate all of your multidimensional Soul’s Aspects Crystalline MerKaBa’s in three simple breaths!! Or complete Soul Codes and unlock your DNA all the way back to Source Creation in under five minutes!!

Here is some of what the 5D Animator does, which we can do for ourselves and others once we complete the manual:

  • Simple access to the Sacred Space of the Heart
  • Clear non-beneficial energy attachments, Entities, and energetic implants
  • Cleaning, clearing, and healing on physical, mental, and emotional bodies
  • Release Soul Contracts that no longer serve you
  • Balance, align, and activate all chakras
  • Align you and your Higher Soul Self, and all of your Soul Aspects
  • Work within all Time, Space, and Dimensions
  • Clear and integrate lost Soul Shards
  • Connect with your Star Family and Soul Group

All is accessible through the ethereal, multidimensional, Balance and Harmony Ring, along with the simple exercises found in this manual.

You will also learn to:

  • Connect with the Council of Light an Source Rays
  • Anchor Light for transmuting and transmitting
  • Cut cords and create beneficial connections
  • Create Heart Connections with others
  • Call in and work with your Guides
  • Heart Code Activations
  • Pineal Activation
  • Time Travel
  • Create healing Elixirs
  • Make and utilize Light Balls
  • Closing non-beneficial Portals
  • Working with Portals and Portal Keepers

Harmony Rings are not included with the book purchase!!

Though there are many exercises that will be beneficial without acquiring any physical tools, it is suggested to have a Balance and Harmony Ring for some of the attunement processes.

I prefer the 3.5″ Harmony Ring, though you can use any Harmony Ring. The 1-3/4″ is affordable and works great on the Pineal!

Here is the free e-book and PDF download: