Harmonic Creation Field Trio preview

There’s something new and exciting coming!!

The Regeneration Ring came in a few months ago, and it is finally being released this week!!
It is a super powerful Ring, unlike any tool ever created (yes, we also said that about the Golden Fire).

Here is MJ Pangman, with Dancing With Water, with an informative video on the Harmonic Creation Field Trio.


The Rings she is working with here are the 8″ Golden Fire Water Ring, the Earth Resonance Ring, and the new 8-1/2″ Regeneration Water Ring.  This set is already available at https://www.dancingwithwater.com/ under Tensor Rings in the product pages.

Look for many new and exciting tools being released from Twistedsage Studios over the next few weeks!!

The Shaman’s Wand, the Harmonic Creation Field Trio, and the Illuminated Heart Pendant will all be available this coming week!!! Some fantastic pendants, and an upgrade to the Practitioner’s Set are also on their way!!

The new Harmonic Creation Field Trio we will be offering is the smaller version, from 3 to 4 inches.  The larger version MJ is playing with in the video are available at Dancing With Water.