Golden Fire Pendant

Golden Fire Pendant

Golden Fire Pendant includes:

Adjustable Lanyard, Heavy Duty 1″ Golden Fire Ring, and a Golden Fire Infinity.

Powerful combination~

This is a potent pendant.  Even when I wear all the Golden Fire tools around my neck, I still can feel it when I take this one off.  As with all the Golden Fire tools, they are a very tangible energy, on the physical.

The Golden Fire Pendant is more potent with the Ring and Infinity together, though not necessary.  They can be separated, as the lanyard is all that holds them together, and may be used as separate pendant pieces.

Save $4 by purchasing as a pendant!

The 1″ Golden Fire Ring is a heavier ring than the 1″ Harmony or 1″ Standard Fire Ring, which makes the manufacturing of this little powerhouse a little more costly, but is well worth the effort, and the price!!  You save by purchasing the Golden Fire Pendant rather than buying the Ring, Infinity, and Lanyard individually.


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