Golden Fire Master’s Set

The Master’s Set

The 29” and 22” Golden Fire Rings are paired together as the Golden Fire Master’s Set.

These Rings create a column of Light which encompasses the bodies, to be used both actively and passively. Rings can be placed under a person’s chair or healing table. Within this Light field all transformational work simply takes quicker and easier. The Tensor fields are beneficial and synergize with all modalities and energy work.

Standing in the smaller Ring, and passing the large Ring around and down over the body, is an active way to utilize these Rings.

Utilize in this fashion, with soft intent, to

  • Align, Balance, Connect, Clear, and Activate- automatically
  • Open clear balance and align chakras and energy bodies.
  • Fully open your connection from your Heart to the bigger YOU… to your entire Soul Spark.
  • Easily assist in releasing Programs, Beliefs and Emotions that no longer serve.
  • Bring through all available Activations and Attunements.
  • Use as a scanning tool, to access the entire spectrum of one’s Being.

To get the best out of this set of Rings, be within their column of Light as often and as much as you can. The Tensor Fields will always be healthful and beneficial for the person. You cannot get too much of their energy.

Both Rings are made of an ultra-heavy 4 gauge.