Golden Fire Disc

Golden Fire Disc

The Golden Fire Disc….
a simple and powerful alternative to the traditional Meter Ring.

This water-proof Golden Fire Disc device will stick to your Fuse Panel, or meter housing,
as it has the same backing as our Cell Tabs. You can even use this 2″ Golden Fire Disc as a Cell Tab,
or anywhere to transform any variety of dense
or electromagnetic energies at their source!!!

Make home feel like Home!!!

Like the traditional Meter Ring,
the golden fire disc works throughout an entire electrical circuit,
as well as back up out the distribution line.

Raises the vibration of the House, while raising the vibrations of the occupants –
making home feel like Home!!!
Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space.

It is the Golden Fire, the energetics of Gaia,
and the Earth Elementals

as well as the frequencies and properties of Unconditional Love,
which flow through the electrical wiring of the building…
enveloping all occupants in a transformative, healing, loving, energy.

Creates a Sacred Space for all the clearing and activations
that the Golden Fire Tools offer-
radiating throughout your entire home!!!

You can use the Golden Fire Disc inside the fuse panel,
or even the Wifi Ring can be taped inside the door of the breaker box / fuse panel
to transform the electrical emissions in the home!!

I use mine as a Cell Phone Tab!!!

For those who want the ultimate in cell phone protection!!!

….though our Cell Tabs are powerful enough for all your cellular transformation needs!!!

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