Ghostbuster Sale~

11% OFF Wings Of Tok And Golden Fire and Light Wands | Use Promo Code: Go

Hey Everyone!

Amber M. here to tell you all about our sale currently running. In honor of the “spooky” month of October we are offering an 11% discount on a couple of tools to help in your ‘ghost busting’ activities! The Golden Fire and Light Wands are excellent for helping to release spirits/ghosts. While in your heart space, simply set your intentions for releasing (sending home) any and all beings that maybe ‘stuck’.  One of our newer tools the Wings Of Tok, aka Mini Starburst, brings an energy to the physical environment that is oh so cozy. The Wings of Tok will clean and clear its environment (up to 120 ft!) without you even thinking about it! Imagine what you could do with intentions set from your heart center! Oh the possibilities! Don’t miss out! Sale ends OCTOBER 28th. Happy Ghostbusting!!