Fruit of Life Floorplate

~The Fruit of Life~

Sacred geometry and frequencies of Light help to awaken DNA codes within our Multidimensional selves. Our DNA receives this pattern of Light, activating these codes of remembrance.

Within the Fruit of Life can be found Metatron’s Cube, The Flower of Life, and all of the new Platonic Solids. These geometries are the building blocks of our physical world. The Fruit of Life is considered the Divine blueprint of the Universe and the basis to everything in existence.

Created from 127 Balance and Harmony Rings, this phenomenal piece is encased with EcoPoxyyUV, a natural plant-based resin that is resistant to yellowing. Two 27” Rings in the Balance and Harmony and the Galactic Ascension frequency surround the sturdy structure.

Standing on the plate aligns Chakras and other Energy Bodies, as well as cleaning clearing aligning and balancing throughout all time space dimensions.

It is the base for the 5D Animator / Ascension Chamber.

Each plate is custom created upon request.

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