Fire Generator

The updated Fire Ring has the Meter Ring and Cell Phone Tab added in, yet we wanted to work with all the frequencies out there, both known and unknown, that can have an affect us. The Tensor Field Generator made of the 144 MHz Sacred Cubit used to be the standard for restructuring Electromagnetics, creating a sphere of influence 3-1/2 miles across…. once the Fire Ring template was added, it created a sphere of influence of 10 miles!!! This is a super high vibration field.

The Fire Generators remediate all nonbeneficially created frequencies in the environment such as:

Communication towers
Electromagnetic and Geomagnetic frequencies
EMF emitting appliances

The 3-1/2″ Fire Generator is collapsible, and has a sphere of influence of 10 miles.

The 1″ Personal Fire Generator has a sphere of influence a city block.

Both are programmable, just as any Tensor Field Generator, and carry the base frequencies and properties of the Fire Rings

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