Exciting Changes to Come!!

Hi guys!

I’m Kayla and I’m TwistedSage’s new social media guru! I’m going to be blogging about the day to day processes at the shop, helping you get to know our hard-working staff, and OF COURSE sharing information about our fantastic new products!

For example, right now we’re running a great Back to School sale with a limited edition Illuminated Heart zipper pull 🙂 It’s super cute and incredibly beneficial for clearing energies!!

Find it here: https://shop.twistedsage.com/products/zipper-pull

So for my first post, I’d like to tell you a little about me and how I came to join the TwistedSage family!

I am currently engaged to our business manager’s (Billie) son and I spent this summer helping out with orders. At first, I was a little intimidated! There’s so much to learn!! Thankfully, this job has been great at helping me become more relaxed when changes come! Everybody working at TwistedSage Studios is so welcoming and helpful and we have fun every single day! To me, the energy in the shop from the tools is very calming. Initially, this took me by surprise since I usually get pretty anxious when things get busy. I have really enjoyed learning about the tools and all of their benefits!

It’s been a wonderful adventure as I learn more and more every day as we all work together to bring you life-changing products!

See ya soon!