Alliance, NE  October 17th, 2020
Holistic mini Fair and Workshop

Evening Workshop will be at the Carnegie Art Center
Sliding Fee Donation of $5-$25 at the door.
Doors will close once the Journey work begins!


Alliance, NE   October 17th, 2020
Transcending the Matrix Workshop
6 PM @ Carnagie Art Center


Radionics with the Masters
Rapid City, SD
October 29-31

Transcending the Matrix

Workshops TBA

Omaha, Nebraska
Workshop, Tools, and Ascension Pyramid

Time and Space TBA
Contact Brian at for updates and interest!





More events, and information on these events, coming soon!!!


Quantum Heart Expansion / Global Meditation

As this day has become an auspicious day for global meditations,
we wish to hold space with the Earth and humanity for heart-centered expansion.

We will do our meditation early, so that we can each hold space during the upcoming global meditations happening that evening!

It is good to bring the field of neutrality into the mix, helping people step into their hearts and surrendering to higher perspectives of the soul.

Featuring the Quantum Heart Activator Grid, one of Brian’s mini Ascension Pyramid prototypes, which will be used to broadcast sacred space to anyone who wishes to step in.  Just like the Radionics grid Brian did a couple years ago with the tools, this grid will be open and available to anyone.  During the meditation, space will be held for you to place your self, loved ones, or situations, into this grid for the energetic space to be held for you continually through the month of April.