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Twistedsage Studios is creating a 36 foot tall copper Ascension Pyramid to be used as the mass meditation stage!


Clinton, Iowa
August 31, 2021

A full-day experiential consciousness-workshop
to shift realities, through lecture and guided journey work

About this event

We will work in steps throughout the day, beginning with the Sacred Space of the Heart. Each step will include an Activation or Attunement through guided meditation/journey work. Once we are comfortable through hands-on experience, we will move onto the stories and explanations of the next step in the process; all the way through the MerKaBa Activation, Anchoring Columns of Light, and into the various Soul – level clearing and healing work of all soul incarnations. Most of what you learn to do for yourself, you will have the opportunity to do with your family and loved ones(soul to soul), during the workshop. Such as distance clearing and healing work. We will also work on environmental energetics such as water, communications towers, electrical distribution systems, and spaces that hold dense energies of all kinds. We will finish the day with the most leading edge energy work being utilized, such as holding the Chalice energetics and working with our Divine I Am. All super powerful processes on their own, which you will be able to effortlessly make as your own and use for yourself, your loved ones and clients, and the world!

Activations and Attunements

All that we do, will be from the Sacred Space of the Heart. Here, your Soul is in charge of all that takes place within you. All will be in the highest and best good, as determined by your higher Soul self.

No requirements of previous energy work needed. Everything is simple and easy, yet more profoundly powerful than any workshop you may have experienced!

Truly we are offering leading edge material, as well as the material and processes that brought us to this point. Each of these pieces are powerful and life-changing in their own right!

Dowsing Rods and Pendulums

There will be an introduction to dowsing (in the most nontraditional sense of dowsing) during the class, where we will utilize the Golden Fire and Light Rods to find energy fields of water, light columns, the MerKaBa field, and Earth energies.

Be sure to bring your pendulum, and if you do not own one, we suggest picking up any inexpensive pendulum to bring to the class. One of the exercises will be to connect your pendulum to the Divine I Am energetics, so as to be able to use your pendulum to do various forms of energy work! We do not sell or carry pendulums at this time.

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