Dragon Wands

Dragon Wands

Brought to you by the Council of Six.

These six Dragons are here to assist those throughout our Galaxy. They are healers, healing from the paradigm of raising the vibration from the core, on all bodies. The raising of vibration cleans, clears, and heals.

The Council of Six works with the Earth and the Earth Elementals through the process, all in the Highest and Greatest Good of All Creation. Through the raising in vibration, we as individuals, and the planet, are propelled forward, affecting our Galaxy, our Universe, and All of Creation.

The Dragon Wand is created with all the base properties of the Harmony Coil, such as the multi-colored Rays of Source Light coupled with your own Soul’s Light, the Clear Light of transmuting and transforming, and of course the Heart connection… There are codes, downloads, remembrances, and the like, which simply occur by having the wand in your field.

In working with Dragons, we find their skills and abilities to be very tangible and beneficial in clearing and healing.

Using the Source Rays for clearing and healing, physical shifts would occur instantly within the body- such as vertebrae and ribs going back into place. Then we found the Dragon’s breath and unconditional love frequencies of the Dragon’s Songs to be even more profound, dissolving, clearing, and healing as quickly as your mind would allow.

The Council of six came in to assist in the creation of the wand. Their energetic signatures are carried through into the wands. When someone picks up and resonates with a Dragon wand, the Dragons are right there, holding the wand along with the person. Not everyone will resonate with the wands.

The Gold Dragon brings through frequencies of unconditional love- in a song. This can dissolve energetic implants, blockages, clear environmental, etc. The Dragon’s breath, or Dragon’s fire, also clears, and is very beneficial in healing on the energetic and physical.

Dragon Wands are created upon request. You will already have the introduction to these beings once you receive your wand.

Dragon Wands can be used on the physical body for energy work, for clearing, raising vibrations, opening flow, as well as environmental work.

It is always at my side, though rarely use it- I primarily use consciousness tools, and the physical tools help to facilitate that connection and ability.

It is a tool for your attention and intention, and yet so much more.

The Standard-sized Wand is approximately 11″ long. The mini Wand is approximately 6″ in length.
There is no difference in potency or “power” of the two sizes, one is simply more portable,
while the larger simply feels more like a “wand.”

Each wand is made for the individual, though can be used by anyone who resonates with it.

My personal Wand is connected to a key-chain and bell, which hangs by my side.
The mini Wand is great to wear as a pendant, my little girls’ favorite pendant to where into the City for keeping clear.

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  1. Patricia Reinert says:

    Looking for something to use on a 3 year old dog that I rescued . From his actions he has been abused.
    He has hard time I cars. He has shakes and it gets so bad he pants. Do you have anything to help out.

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