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New Energy Prototypes
New Energy Prototypes

New Energy Prototypes

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New Energy

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In April of 2022 we came across a new energy which was first put into the Alchemist Torus.  This new energy as we currently call it, is simply a stronger connection with the Earth while bringing in that highest aspect of you, as creator, more tangibly. 

July 12th New Energy Update: https://twistedsage.com/energy-update-the-new-is-here/

We have simply built upon all previous energetics of tools created here at Twistedsage Studios, as well as integrate more of how we connect with Earth and Creation, as an empowered human.  What the new is, is a more tangible connection with your higher consciousness, as well as with the heart of the Earth.  Plain and simple.

This peaceful, transformative, energy is quite possibly the new plateau of energetics here at Twistedsage Studios.  All new tools created will be in this new, more tangible, higher connecting and deeper grounding energy.  But no worries, we will continue to offer our current line of tools, which have built upon each other to bring us to here!

Again, the products here are for the consumer's input to see if the tools should be added to the Tensor tool line-up.  We would love to hear your feedback on the prototypes!

Currently in stock:

Heavy Duty Bangles - These four sized bangles are made of a medium 8 gauge wire, and can be used for any Tensor Rings intended purpose, besides just a bangle!
The Small has an inside diameter of 2-1/2" (made from the 222 Ring). 
Medium has an inside diameter of 2-7/8" (from the 333MHz Ring). 
Large Bangle inside diameter is 3-1/4" (the Harmony Ring). 
The XL has an inside diameter of 3-3/8" (the Golden Fire Ring).   
The Ring name in parenthesis simply refers to the size of bangle, if you happen to have one for size comparison.

New Energy Collar Ring-  Heavier gauge sit on the shoulders, and form around to the back.  They may need slight adjusting to fit your body.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Carla R.
heavy duty prototype bangle

A few weeks ago as I prepared for my dentist appt, I decided to use the bangle as hair jewelry around my ponytail. When I left the dentist office and got back in the car, it fell off and ended up under my drivers side seat. I thought to myself, well maybe thats where it really belongs. Interestingly enough, I no longer have anxiety feelings when i drive. I get in the car and feel relaxed and alert, but not anxious, nor in fear. This change occurred so subtly and gently, that I just noticed it today. I checked under my seat in the car and surely enough the ring was still there - it had positioned itself in such a way that the energy flows up through my spine when I drive. Awesome Tools ! I am deeply grateful for the work you do.

New Energy Prototype Tensor Rings.

I have been sleeping with 2 of the 23” New Energy Tensor Rings under my bed. I am having many more dreams of informational value. But my deep sleep time has been shortened. The 2 7/8” outside diameter New Energy Tensor Rings I will be using to restructure water with. I sense that the water restructuring will be accomplished faster with these tensor rings.

Tara R.
Love Twisted Sage

I have purchased quite a few different tools from Twisted Sage over the past three years both for myself and extended family. The quality of the workmanship and customer service is top notch. The energy in the tools is stronger than some of my crystals. Their tools are THE product for EMF protection, healing and ascension. I’m very grateful for their products and the love connected to what they create.

Melissa O.

New Energy Prototypes

Frank W.
New energy ring

Powerful little ring! Fits right on my finger which is awesome for walking around and boosting my energy. Feel almost an instant energetic shift while wearing it! Thank you!