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Gaia Sphere 51/2 Golden Fire
Gaia Sphere
Gaia Sphere
Gaia Sphere
Gaia Sphere
Gaia Sphere

Gaia Sphere

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Gaia Sphere

When you hold this sphere you feel the high vibrations of your Mother Earth. You feel the heart beat of our beloved Earth. Many will be attracted to this sphere because of their connection to the Earth. They feel the peace and calm of the All is Well energy which this Sphere emits. It reminds the spirit of you, who you are. It vibrates to the I Am presence which is you. Play with it, hold it, and roll it. It transfers to you its vibrations.

The Elders Three on 7/14/11

The Gaia Spheres are not perfect in their physical geometry!! Due to the weave pattern of the Tensor Rings, each Ring cannot be perfectly round. The imperfect roundness to the geometry does not impede with the energetics produced by the Sphere, as the Gaia Spheres are still breathtakingly beautiful orbs!!!

Earth Alchemy

These beautiful pendant-sized Gaia Spheres carry the energetics of the Wisdom / New Energy, while anchoring in more of the support, consciousness, and grounding aspects of Gaia, that ancient spirit and consciousness of the Earth.

The 1-1/8" Gaia Sphere can be strung with any material of chain or lanyard, to be wore as a necklace.

We utilized a triangular-pressed wire to add another dimension of aesthetics to these little gems. Again, with all spheres, these handcrafted energy tools are made as round and beautiful as possible.  Because of the weave pattern, the Gaia Spheres are impossible to make aesthetically perfect, yet they truly are perfect!

The field of influence is about the size of a small home.  It does everything from EMF mitigation to grounding the heart of those within its field to the heart of the Earth.  This is an amazing tool to hold that grounded sense of peace, as well as expanding that higher connection with the soul, in the heart.

New Energy

New Energy Gaia Sphere

The higher connection of the Soul's Heart- facilitating that connection of the Quantum Heart / Quantum Mind with the human heart / mind.

This is one of our new favorites.  It carries the energy of the Alchemist and Wisdom, bringing those in its field more into their hearts.  Through meditation with this sphere, one can bring themselves to the higher heart.  That more refined and finer space, a higher space.  It is a facet of you, your soul, which exists in this field of peace and serenity.  It is here that you begin to integrate the heart and the mind together.  Ask your soul, and the field of this sphere, to begin activating the physical aspects of the mind, to bring you more into that space of the heart-mind.  The Quantum Heart / Quantum Mind, your Soul's Light and the human together, as a multi-faceted being of Light in physical form.  

Similar to the Divine I Am Tensor Field Generator in energetics.

Golden Fire

Golden Fire Gaia Sphere

Activating and Connecting Sacred Hearts...perfect for creating a heart-connected soul-connected space

Creates a network, connecting Sacred Hearts into a network. Connecting people and beyond into other realms.

Sacred Heart expands out greatly.

To me, I saw that Sacred Heart drawn out and into the sphere.

From there it was a great explosion of golden energy that filled the entire space.

Having this sphere around for just a few days, have felt great joy in my being.

I like to keep the sphere around when I teach workshops and meditations, as it connects all beings in the room, soul to soul.
Opening and anchoring the Higher Soul, the Soul, the Mind, and the Heart ...all as one.

Many have equated this sphere as a ball of light, similar of what Isis and the Hathors wore on their heads.

The Sacred Geometrical shape is the Icosadodecahedron, which contains twelve pentagrams within the Sphere's geometry.

The Golden Fire Gaia is similar the the Golden Fire Generator, but instead of just activating, it connects.


I love to keep a Gaia Sphere in the classroom or webinar, as it assists in connecting hearts of all those present.   Hearts, not minds, that is. 

I ALWAYS take one with me to any public Hot Springs or pools, as it not only clears the energetics of the Water, but also brings in the consciousness of water even more!  Using it with Epson Salt baths is highly recommended!!!  Of course it will patina, which most of us find beauty in the deeper copper color.

Most of us sleep with ours.  My 12-year old daughter has always kept one in bed to ensure her field is clear for peaceful sleep.  And uses it to clear herself at night, in case she has taken on other's energy during the day.

And of course, the Gaia Spheres produce a field similar to a Tensor Field Generator, which does all the clearing work that the Generators do.  The New Energy Gaia has a sphere of influence about 2 city blocks wide, while the Golden Fire has a sphere of influence around 1-1/2 miles.



Previous Energetics

Regeneration Gaia Sphere

The 8" and 3" Regeneration Gaia Spheres are available only with the Ascension Pyramids.

They sell for $533 and $279, respectively.

Grounding- Light blasting to the center of the Earth and expands out to the entire heart of Gaia and expanding further to the surface of the planet and into all.

Light of the Regeneration Ring, into the sphere and the Earth and brings this light fully into the Earth.  Peace and Light into Earth and All.

Person- expands that Regeneration Light into the body.  Cleaning and clearing dense energies and it cleans and clears and expands into all spaces and places.  This light is like a helper to the Soul.

As it expands into person and environment, brings in the awareness of the person.

When a person walks into the field, it brings them back to the heart, to themselves.  To where the magic is.  Brings them back to Them.  For those who are scattered, it is especially useful to have around.

For those who astral travel and have a hard time coming back, this helps bring them back fully. It will not prevent them from astral traveling, rather it just helps them come back in fully.

Field of influence is the same no matter the size of Sphere, which is not quit a city block.  It covers the home and the neighbors though!

This one does not take place of the Golden Fire, as the Golden Fire still does all the heart connecting with others in it's field.

Clearing energies to bring you back to yourself and connecting you into the Earth.

It does all the basic EMF clearing. If you wish for it to cover the 5G stuff, simply add a Wifi Ring within the sphere.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
It helps to do what i havent been able to do for a long time.

The mind. What a curious thing. It can want SO MUCH and yet be the thing that creates the resistance itself. One of my issues during the past decade-ish of "doing" this consciousness "work" was exactly that, it was mind getting all up in the souls business, haha! With this sphere my mind is brought into being more with the Sacred Space of the Heart, the mind in alignment with heart creation and being. Ease. So MUCH ease is possible through this. A release of mind being seperate, controlling or divisive. That is my experience, and it will continue to grow more and more as for my mind at least, it can (historically) take a while to calm down 😂😇. I feel a new wave of human being reborn, as I anchored in an energy and aspect of my being (angelic) carrying an energy that told it has NEVER been in a physical human body before!!! That alone is profound!
Highly recommend purhasing access to the new SOUL ALCHEMY webinar sessions, they are powerful and tranformative shift too and welle worth $44 for 5 high power sessions (and I've only done one so far!, thats how much power is to be found and faith I have i this journey with Twistedsage). Much love my light kings and queens of this new earth!

Keegan B.
Silver Gaia Sphere

This device is so profound I can’t leave the room without it since I have acquired it. You can speak into it, breath into it, singing into it is a whole new level! It’s really quite amazing and I have recently started putting it into my water and drinking it with the sphere in there. I’m not sure where we are going exactly but this is such a fun inter dimensional journey we are all on!

Don’t hesitate on buying the silver it truly is a silver Snitch in it’s own right! It holds immense possibilities!

Yoga FIRE!

You haven't really experienced the full benefits of the Golden Fire gaia sphere until you've incorporated it into your yoga routine. As someone who didn't feel energy at first, I am surprised at how well I "charge up" in certain poses. It's not like being electrocuted but it's the best way I can describe it, waves pulsate toward one part of my body & pool up until redirected, (usually in whatever moves follows).

We have mudra meditations after class. I have been balancing the Golden Fire gaia sphere on my head during these meditations, & in turn have been able to feel which direction(s) the energy is flowing.

I consider this a good introductory tool & apparently so do my friends & guests. They always seem to want to see this one first.

Aryana H.
Uplifted Spirit

I’ve been experiencing a low-level depression, or maybe it’s lethargy because of my reactions to the state of the world. The Gaia Sphere is a work of art and sits under my copper pyramid and harmonic creation field trio rings. These tensor tools have allowed my mind an optimistic focus and now whenever I see a cell tower, I point my wand towards it and envision a huge pillar of light emanating from it.  I smile now. I’ve gifted my good friend TwoMoons and my daughter Esha, who are sensitive empathics, with the tensor tools. They don’t leave home without their pendants. 

Beautiful protective peace

I have the 1" Golden Fire Gaia.
When it first arrived, it brought such a huge wave of joy and peace, a truly uplifitng piece of kit! Now, when i carry it into a space, i enjoy the harmony, peace and connectedness it brings. Another step towards Unity consciousness. Compared to the golden fire generator, the geometry of the gaia, beings inother level of beauty and protection into the field of this tool, not protection from fear, but protection of love, grounding and harmony, brings peace which transmutes, and there is "protection" in that. A lovely little being to hold and wear over the heart. Shifts spaces and your being to a more harmonious one, i really should wear it more lol. And the consicousnes of the earth coming rhroguh is just so amazing, it really attracts people to its presence, a lovely field to rest in. Activations, cleaning and clearing. Wonderful! And i put some little crystals in it too, i had amethyst in for a while but felt a lovely shift when i added Lapis Luzuli, it adds an expansive energy to it.