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Cell Phone Tab
Cell Phone Tab
The 1” Golden Fire Cell Phone Tabs have a super-sticky rubberized backing which stays readily onto any surface. Apply to your Cell Phone or Cell Phone Case, Tablet, or other electronic devices.
Cell Phone Tab
Cell Phone Tab

Cell Phone Tab

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Instead of blocking harmful EMFs, Tensor tools transform all energies into something more beneficial. For those who are sensitive to electromagnetics, using our Cell Phone Tab allows them to freely use a cell phone, without the adverse affects.

Several independent biofeedback studies showed our Cell Phone Tab makes cell phone use beneficial to the physical, mental, emotional, and energetic bodies by aligning chakras and energy bodies, making organs function better, and clearing the mental and emotional fields! Read more about the studies here  https://twistedsagestudios.com/emf-protection/

The 1" Cell Phone Tab is an efficient and powerful EMF protector and transformer encased in a natural resin shell. Featuring a super-sticky rubberized backing which affixes readily to any surface, it can be applied to a cell phone or cell phone case, tablet, or other electronic devices. The background is semi-translucent to partially blend with your device’s color.

And when you get a new phone or phone case, be sure to remove the Cell Phone Tab to use on your new device or cover. Just contact us, and we’ll send you a new sticky back for your Cell Tab for free!

Available with packaging for easy gifting to others.


Customer Reviews

Based on 88 reviews
Carrie S.
Everyone needs this!

My daughter relies on her phone for so many things: communication, banking, entertainment, navigation, and even hydration tracking. And of course we had heard of the dangers of EMFs, so when we heard of this cell phone tab, we wanted to try it. Well guess what— it works! The soreness she used to feel in her stomach while using the phone is gone! AND it’s beautiful! So grateful for Twisted Sage’s vision and commitment to healing the world— blessings on you all.

Power tab!

Before I got the tab my phone would get warm and fatigue my hand. Tried the aluminum foil to block the heat. Read about the tab and have had it on my phone for years! The phone doesn't get hot! My hand doesn't hurt! The tab glue is unbelievably strong! It's as if the tab and cell phone are a solid unit! I had the tab and cell phone muscle tested. Before and after! Weak before, strong afterwards! Five Stars from me!
~Suzanne w.

Dr. D.
I wouldn't use a cell phone without it!

The energy (EMFs) coming off my cellphone is notocibly more comfortable. For the whole family!

Celia U.
I ordered many different rings

I have gone bonkers for the offerings at Twistedsage. I have the cell phone tab on my mobile. It gives me confidence that the EMF's are being transmuted. I also put a tensor ring on the wi-fi router for the same reason. It doesn't stop there. I knew for sure there was dirty electicity running though my house, so a ring is now on my breaker box. All of this because I was interested in tensor rings to create the 4th phase of water. Brian was mentioned in the book about that called "Dancing With Water." Needless to say, I bought a slew of rings for refining the reverse osmosis water I tote home in 5 gallon jugs. That water with the tensor rings definitely tastes and feels smoother. To me its like the difference between hard water out of a well compared with water from a softener- only much better.

Rena B.
Really does help!

I have less pain, heated & tingly palm and numbness since putting on my phone. Not completely gone, but MUCH better!