Water Ring

Water Ring

NEW!!!  Golden Fire Water Rings!!

The Golden Fire Water Ring bring water to it’s original state of being,
clearing ALL memory of it’s time on Earth,
to carry it’s original blueprint, as was intended at this time!!!

The Golden Fire are nearly identical, physically, to our traditional Water Rings.

Featuring the Dancing With Water Earth Resonance Rings!!!

The Earth Resonance Rings are 3-1/4″ and the 6-1/2″ in diameter.

Water Rings connect to and with the physical and etheric/spiritual aspects of water.

The Water Rings allow for direct communication with the water,
to create healing elixirs simply by speaking through the Ring to the water,
and placing the Ring around, under, or over the water.
In as little as ten minutes you can notice a change.

I leave my Ring around the water for at least eight hours for a total clearing and charging of the water.
I find the smaller Earth Resonance Rings are the perfect size and weight to wear on the wrist.

Creating Elixirs from Water-

Water is a crystal, it is conscious, and I believe it to be a profound healer when used with intention and gratitude.

Tensor fields connect with the physical of the water, balancing PH and creating ORMUS within the water, raising it into a high vibration state. The Water Rings connect with both the physical as well as the Elemental of water. It is this direct connection that allows an ease of communication with the water. You can use the Ring to communicate your needs and intentions to the water. This can be done by holding the Ring and either using your voice or intentions through the Ring to the water. Set your Ring under or around the water vessel for a few minutes or even overnight, and then drink the Elixir.

Both of the Water Rings contain the frequencies and properties of the Earth’s plant, mineral, and crystal kingdoms, as well as the Elementals of Water, Air, Fire, and Ether. You can simply infuse the properties of the plant and mineral kingdoms into your elixir as well, by voicing your intention through the Ring.

To work with the Golden Fire Water Rings, it is more of an automatic process.

By simply placing the ring within the field of your water is intention enough,
as the highest energetic aspects of the Golden Fire Rings come through
best when we are not directing the energies and outcomes!!

The Golden Fire Water Rings are made of the same 10 gauge wire as the Earth Resonance Water Rings.

The Golden Fire contains all that the Water Rings contain, energetically, and more.

The Water Rings in Golden Fire are 3-3/4″ and 7-1/2″ in diameter.

The Earth Resonance Rings are 3-1/4″ and the 6-1/2″ in diameter.

The Earth Resonance Rings have a measurable oscillation of approximately 333 MHz.

To find out more about using Tensor Rings with water,
we suggest the Dancing With Water book!!
Highly recommended, plus we are in the second edition!!!

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Heddeka Coaster

Heddeka Coaster

The all new Heddeka Coasters are made with the heavier 8 gauge Water Ring and a new resin from Canada called Eco-Poxy. EcoPoxy® is a Plant based, non-toxic, non-solvent, epoxy system that is Certified “GREEN”. It is a clear, UV resistant, glass-like finish that resists scratching and yellowing, unlike the previous coasters which would yellow with expose to UV.

Each unique Coaster is formed from the Heddeka Water Elemental, the Water Ring, and Shungite chips, all encased in the plant based resin. The Water Ring amplifies and synergizes with the Heddeka, to give your water the best of both energetic fields. The Tensor Field also carries information from Shungite to the water. Fullerenes found in Shungite have been found to transmute the fluoride in drinking water into something more beneficial. The Water Ring connects to the physical aspects of the water, doing all that Tensor Fields do (positive right-hand spin to the water molecule, making water lighter in weight, balancing PH, bringing water back to it’s original crystalline structure) as well as connecting to the spiritual aspect of the water. The latter allows for the creation of healing elixirs when used with simple intentions. The Balance and Harmony’s Water Ring contains the frequencies and properties of all the plant, mineral, and crystal kingdoms to be accessed and infused into the water.

You can charge large volumes of water in just a few hours!!!
The new coasters are a vast improvement over the traditional Heddeka Coasters, and though the cost is 33% more than the previous coasters, these new coasters are designed to last a life-time!!!!
Approx. 3-1/4 inches x 1/4 inch