Cosmic Awakening Activation

Now for Free!!!  The space is held, everyone can make it here!!!

This is one of our most powerful videos to date. 
Even though Brenda was not there in the physical, she dropped her conscious awareness of the physical and became fully present to hold the space and do the work with all present…. That includes each of you who watch this video now!!!

This 22 minute talk/meditation/Activation was filmed at Sedona Cosmic Awakening 2018 in April.

Step out of the old…

The Cosmic Awakening Activation is the complete walk through of the Three by Three, entering the Quantum Void, the New Geometry Activation/Clearing, and anchoring your Soul Matrix into the physical.

More than just a meditation…

Brenda and I are energetically there with you, holding the space to bring in the Activations with all who see and do this process.

The Activations

We then activate the Golden Fire/Sacred Heart, the Quantum Mind, and bring in the Field of Universal Peace.

Heart Clearing and Stepping out of the Matrix

From there, we go into the basement of the Heart with our Light to clear all cords and contracts that anchored us into the old world matrix.

15″ Golden Fire Ring

15" Golden Fire Ring

Versatile sized 15″ Golden Fire Ring

We use the 15 inch Golden Fire Rings for around all our supplements.

It is amazing what the Tensor fields do with oils!!  It raises the frequency and vibration of coconut oil, for example, to go off the measurable charts of GDV imaging.  This extremely high vibration, which exceeds GDV imaging, has only been seen a few times, twice with Dr Emoto’s charged water!

With supplements, the Golden Fire Rings clean and clear while raising the supplements in frequency and vibration.  With crystals, the same happens.

When you put something within the field of the Tensor Ring, a supplement for example, the energetics of the supplements are carried within this field.  If you place this all on top of your refrigerator, you are clearing the EMFs produced by the appliance, raising the frequency and vibration of all the food in the refrigerator, and bringing through the energetics of the supplements within the Ring to all the food and beverages within the fridge!!

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