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Energetic Transformation Package

Energetic Transformation Kit

The basic home health and personal care package

Everything you will need for your environmental, personal, water, and all form of EMF care.



We begin with the Tensor Field Generator for your environmental clearing, which includes the transformation and clearing of EMF, Radionics, HARP, Geomagnetic and Geopathic, Portal/Vortexes, lower vibrational consciousness, and dense energies in general, all within 1/4 mile of your home.  This particular Tensor Field Generator, the Golden Fire Generator, does all this plus brings through a sense of well-being for all those within it’s field, as it helps clear connections for each individual, so they may bring in more of their own Light.

The 4” Golden Fire Generator extends out ¼ mile in all directions to restructure all nonbeneficial frequencies, including EMFs, Geomagnetic, Cell Towers, Power Lines, Radio Waves, HARP, Radionic Transmissions, Portal/Vortexes, and lower consciousness energies.


Cell TabNext we have the Cell Phone Tab. The Cell Phone Tab Bio Feedback Study: Transmutes harmful EMF’s while providing emotional clarity!

Even with a Tensor Field Generator, we suggest for those who carry their cell phone, and always have it within their field,to utilize a Cell Phone Tab as well.


The Wifi Ring is a super versatile tool, which can be used for much more than putting on your Wifi router to transmit beneficial frequencies from.  It can be carried in your pocket or as a pendant, placed over water facets, and can also be used over light-bulbs to transmit those unconditional love frequencies of the Golden Fire through the visible light spectrum!

Simply place the Wifi Ring on the source of the nonbeneficial frequency, where it will automatically connect to and transform the frequency emitted. If you do not have access to the source of the frequency, having the Wifi Ring anywhere in your field (as a pendant or in your pocket) will protect your field.


The Water Ring.  Tensor Fields, in general, bring water to it’s original crystalline structure, making water lighter in weight in the lab due to the positive right-hand high-spin rate, and balancing PH.  And that’s just what’s happening on the physical level.  Our Water Rings are also clearing all cell memory of water, and bringing it back to it’s original blue print of water!  The Rings can also be used to communicate with water to create healing exlirs!  This particular Water Ring is the 3.75″ Golden Fire Water Ring!

Restructure and Energize your water, as seen in “The New Science of Water”, simply by using our Water Ring with your container of water!!


golden fire discGolden Fire Disc. Another super versatile, powerful, tool!  Weather-proof stickable device to clear even the most unceasing frequency emitter!

Use on your electrical panel to restructure the electrical emissions within your home, as well as your neighborhood!!  


Toroidal Field Pendant for personal protection.  This particular Tensor Coil is the Golden Fire mini Coil Pendant.

Recommended for empathic individuals, to be used for a personal filtration of others’ energies!



Save nearly $20 with the phenomenal package!!  Everything you need to begin your exploration into Tensor Technologies for your home and health, expansion and connection…

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Golden Fire Disc

Golden Fire Disc

The Golden Fire Disc….
a simple and powerful alternative to the traditional Meter Ring.

This water-proof Golden Fire Disc device will stick to your Fuse Panel, or meter housing,
as it has the same backing as our Cell Tabs. You can even use this 2″ Golden Fire Disc as a Cell Tab,
or anywhere to transform any variety of dense
or electromagnetic energies at their source!!!

Make home feel like Home!!!

Like the traditional Meter Ring,
the golden fire disc works throughout an entire electrical circuit,
as well as back up out the distribution line.

Raises the vibration of the House, while raising the vibrations of the occupants –
making home feel like Home!!!
Cleaning, clearing, and creating healing space.

It is the Golden Fire, the energetics of Gaia,
and the Earth Elementals

as well as the frequencies and properties of Unconditional Love,
which flow through the electrical wiring of the building…
enveloping all occupants in a transformative, healing, loving, energy.

Creates a Sacred Space for all the clearing and activations
that the Golden Fire Tools offer-
radiating throughout your entire home!!!

You can use the Golden Fire Disc inside the fuse panel,
or even the Wifi Ring can be taped inside the door of the breaker box / fuse panel
to transform the electrical emissions in the home!!

I use mine as a Cell Phone Tab!!!

For those who want the ultimate in cell phone protection!!!

….though our Cell Tabs are powerful enough for all your cellular transformation needs!!!

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Golden Fire Torus

Golden Fire Torus

The Golden Fire comes through in a tangible way.

This particular Golden Fire Torus brings in the Golden Fire then Activates it in the person.
Brings in the field of Universal Peace to the human, a connection into that field of Universal Peace.
Connects to everything, all that is.
The vibration of Oneness, of non-Duality.

Soul already knows Universal Peace.
People who are drawn to this tool are ready to connect to the Peace of their Soul.

The Golden Fire Torus is made specifically for each person.

Brenda Schnose assembles all the Torus’ coming out of Twistedsage Studios.
The Golden Fire Torus requires an activation and attunement for it to begin working with an individual.
During the construction process Brenda goes Soul to Soul with you to assist in the attunement to your Torus.
The process is like having a free distance session which is anchored into your personal tool!!!

Others will benefit from your Golden Fire Torus…
People will walk through this field and they will feel it.  Animals will feel it.

Whether those who are in this field will accept it or not is with them.

It begins with the person who has it and then expands out to those are energetically in contact with them

So much more than a Torus…

When we did the readings on this one, I could feel it hit my throat first, and saw the golden beam from the Torus to my throat.  Once we got to the part where they were explaining how the field begins with the person and then expands out to those energetically in contact with them, I could see and intensely feel this connection going out to all of those whom I am energetically connected with…. It was huge and expansive!!

Before we did the reading, which attuned that particular Torus to me, I carried the Torus with me for over a month and it really wasn’t nothing more than a standard Torus.  Once the attunement of the Torus to my Soul took place, the energy of the Torus shifted greatly, and become a powerful and transformative tool.

Consider getting a distance healing session with Brenda!!

Brenda is one of the most phenomenal healers / seers / energy workers that I know.
We witness miracle and magic on a daily basis with what she does.
Brenda and I work together on the creation of these etheric tools, and she does all the readings on the tools before we send them out to see what others see / feel / experience.  Her distance sessions are affordable, and she works via telephone and distance with not only your Soul, but the innate consciousness of the body.
If the issues are not allowed to be cleared up, she can help with interpreting what your body and soul are trying to tell you!!

Distance Healing Sessions page is located HERE

Torus is approximately 8 inches in diameter

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Infinite Heart

Golden Fire Infinity

The Infinite Heart is a perfect addition to any pendant, or on it’s own.

Even with the small size, the Golden Fire Activations still come through just as strong!
The energetics of the Infinite Heart has already been put into the Golden Fire Rings, so no added benefit of using this shape will occur.

But many do have an affinity for the Infinity!!

I like to add the Infinite Heart to a 1″ Heavy Duty Golden Fire Ring, along with a Lanyard.

You can use any material for a necklace, or use the Infinity on a key chain or pocket piece.

The larger Infinity found on the Fire Crown is not available at this time. We may find a medium sized version at some point as well.

More about the Golden Fire tools and the Sacred Heart Activation can be found here.

The Infinite Heart is approximately 1 inch in length.

When you wear the Golden Fire tools, the energy field they produce acts as a reminder.

The tools remind you of the Activation.
Reminds the inner Being that you have the Sacred Heart.

It is a powerful tool to use!!!