Standard Fire Rings

Standard Fire Rings

With the energy of fire, the Elemental energy of Fire, these Rings clean and clear through multiple layers

to bring in the passion of the Soul, which is also Fire.

The Fire Rings, just as the Harmony Rings, create a third field between them.

You need only one Ring to create this third field, using your other hand instead of a second Ring.

You may create this field as big as you want, but then just Be.

Use the field to envelope whole body.

Do so with intentions of letting go and letting the field do what it does.

Because the Soul will connect into Rings, allow and know your Higher You is taking care of it.

Your Soul will release and remove those things that you don’t need, in order to bring in that passion, the fire of Soul.

We suggest using the Harmony in conjunction with the Fire Ring to bring the physical body into harmony with the higher frequency.

The 1-¾ inch Wifi Ring is made of 12 gauge copper.

The 1″ Personal Fire Ring makes a great size 7 finger Ring. Made of 12 gauge copper.

The 3-1/8″ Standard Fire Ring is only slightly smaller in diameter in comparison to the standard Harmony Ring. Made of 8 gauge copper.

The 10″ Companion Ring fits nicely over the head to rest on the shoulders, or under the chair or bed. Made of 8 gauge copper.

The 23″ Practitioner’s Ring is a wonderful size to work with yourself and others. Made of 6 gauge copper.

Cleaning and Clearing and Passion. Great Passion. Lights a fire under you.

888 Series Ring

888 Series Ring

The 888 family of Rings act as a bridge because of the energy that comes through, which is YOU.

You connect through the Ring to the over-soul, Higher Soul Self, or monad… Whatever this greater you is.

It is from this space and place that you bring into your reality what really matters. Incorporating the human and over-soul, it brings in more than you can imagine.

It is bringing in the idea of who you really are.

As you start to use and be with the Ring, it becomes stronger for the person using it.

Releasing of programs and beliefs gets easier and easier.

The Light that comes through has been here, but is intensified with the Ring.

The Ring brings in the Love of Soul.

The Golden Light of the Soul. With this Golden Light, the Soul’s Light, we have seen and experienced instant healings.

The Light, or energy, of the Ring came here from another Galaxy, another Universe, at the time of the creation of the Earth. This Cubit measurement is a piece of the Earth, though its origin is not of the Earth.

The ones who stand with this tool, played a part in bringing the Earth into being. This tool has not been on the Earth, until now, but has been within the Earth. In that space and place, it is seen as a sphere.

When asking about this new Ring they have simply told us “Ultimate Manifestation.” It is not manifestation, like dropping a pot of gold at your feet, rather it is to help you see and feel in a new way. The Light energy coming from this Ring assists to release old ways of being. Ultimate Manifestation into this reality, as the new way of being on the new Earth. In this new way of being is Grace and Ease, Unconditional Love, and Joy.

The 888 refers to a specific measure.

The 444 is then half the size, as is the 222 half of that, and the 111.

The entire spectrum of this Cubit are known as the 888 Rings.

The 888 family of Rings contain the “3 x 3” technique/modality/meditation that we have been facilitating.

This energetic modality of sorts, first came through from my sister, Brenda Schnose. As Metatron is her right-hand, and Thoth walks with her always, she has been anchoring in energies that have never been on the planet until now. The Activation can be found in this short YouTube presentation-

The Testimonials blog offers feedback on the 888 / Connector Rings, before they became the 888 / Metatron Rings.