The Generator Guy ~

Staff Spotlight


Isaac T.


Isaac Taylor joined the Twistedsage family in April 2018. Isaac quickly became known as the ‘Generator Guy’ around the shop, he has the patience of an artist! Isaac finishes most all our generators by making them all round and pretty before shipping them out. He also puts all the smaller generators(under 2 inches) together by himself from start to finish, as they are super tricky and require a large amount of patience and care. Isaac is pictured here with his hands full of today’s projects, and it looks like it’s break time! When not working Isaac can be found hanging out with family and friends, or making music. Isaac’s music creations are of a Soul Trance style/ video game bass sound, check him out at M.E.A.T. on SoundCloud at and at MEATMusicProduction on Facebook at or at his personal website .

Be ready…

Hey all!

The holiday season is upon us! Yay!  We have been busy busy at the shop preparing for this shopping season. We have a few sales that are coming up within the next few weeks, and we are READY!! Keep your eyes peeled for the perfect gift for yourself or loved ones, and if nothing jumps out at you, gift cards are also available at










Little Helper


Oh my! Check out one of our youngest most adorable helpers in studio, this little one is following dads lead as shop foreman. She keeps us all in line and on task when shes in the building. Best boss ever! (she brings snacks!) Having the children in and around the shop is a pleasure, they are so curious. We are doing our best to pass our knowledge to the next generation, in hopes of fostering the light within.

Box In The Making


Hey Everyone!

Have you ever wonder how we find boxes large enough to send out all them big gorgeous rings?! Well, we don’t just happen upon a perfect box, we MAKE it! The process of making these perfect large boxes differs from order to order depending on the products being shipped. You can count on our team to package your order with great care to ensure it all arrives safe and sound no matter where you are ordering from!

We snapped a couple of pictures of Mary putting together a box for shipping. Always a good time at Twisted Sage Studios.