Shop Foreman~

Staff Spotlight

Lucas M.

Lucas Matsamas, shop foreman, Brian and Billie’s nephew, Brenda’s son.  Look at this guy, acting like he knows what he’s doing. This is not his usual station, not even close! I said SHOP foreman, not business anything, what is going on here?!  Lucas has been working at Twistedsage since the very beginning in 2010,  and quickly become a master builder. Lucas handles anything and everything shop related; cutting, bending, rounding, cleaning, welding, and has creative know how. When Lucas isn’t at the shop he spends time with his family, and he also does a lot of tinkering with various projects for his home and shop.

A more ‘normal’ station:




Pyramid Tops

These beauties are ready for their new homes at the top of the Ascension Pyramids! The Pyramids are being prepped for shipping at this very moment. Each Ascension Pyramid gets a standard 8 1/2 inch Sun Disc. The Sun Disc is a crucial component of the Pyramid, as these Discs creates an energetic vortex within in the pyramid that assists in profound healing shifts of the physical. Learn more on our product page:

Go Getter~

Staff Spotlight

Mary M.

Mary at work

Mary Malloy is a long time friend and has been with the Twistedsage family since the very beginning of the business in 2010. Mary specializes in creating many of our Elemental pieces, Infinite Hearts, and the Heddeka Rings. She is also really great at helping our customers find what they need. Mary is another team member that does it all, she lends a helping hand all over the shop, as she is a Master Craftsperson.  Mary holds many titles outside of the shop as well, she is a Reiki Master, Shaman, Pipe Carrier, and Portal Keeper. When Mary is not busy at the shop she loves to find herself on adventures with her family and friends.



Gaia Healing Energy~

Hey there! Take a look at how we utilize the Gaia Sphere here in the shop, all team members participate in ‘energy sessions’. These sessions are simply taking a few minutes from our physical work to gather around the table and do some energy work together. Our energy sessions are focused mainly on holding a sacred space of healing for all beings, physical and non, for the highest and best good for all involved. Some days we use our imagination to envision beings and situations that are in need of a little extra love, support and understanding. It is not unusual to find notes in our sphere, these notes have names and situations written on them by team members. We try to do our part in raising vibrations in and around our area so every being can move forward with grace and ease. Get your own Gaia Shere here:

Silver Finisher~

Staff Spotlight

William M.

William Malloy is the son of Mary and has been with the Twistedsage family since the very beginning in 2010. William is a finisher, as he specializes in cleaning and polishing tools,he usually handles all of our bigger rings 26 inches and larger. William is our main silver finisher, the silver tools require a slightly different ‘finishing process’ which takes time and care to clean and polish. In his free time, William enjoys playing video games, listening to various podcasts, and cooking. William also frequently cooks delicious dishes that he brings to share with the team, it’s like having our very own chef.