Party Table?~


Party Table~

This is what the start of a ‘Generator Party’ looks like, pictured here is our work table at the shop, this table is always filled with little projects. Here we have four different kinds of generator piles that are ready to be straightened. Isaac often encourages these generator parties, he even plays music to keep everyone in the party mood!

Extra Help~

Staff Spotlight:


Part Time:

Lenny Zellman joined the Twistedsage Family in May 2019. Lenny lives close to the shop which is super convenient, he likes to drop in now and again to help with the cleaning and polishing of copper tools.



Construction Work:

Donnie and Colton Pourier are our all star construction team. They have done great amounts of remolding and constructing to make our space safe and functional. These guys do everything from building our work stations with exhaust hoods, putting in new stair cases, fixing floors, and making our space cosmetically pleasing. Whatever we need, no matter how crazy the idea, they find a way to make it happen.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

Hey Everyone!

Making all of these gorgeous big rings perfectly round can some days be a challenge. Here at the shop things do not always go as planned/ expected, we are only human after-all, learning as we go. Our advice for when something doesn’t go quite as planned, work on shifting your perspective to see the situation differently, perhaps something new. Often times, we humans are so busy racing around, busy with work and having adventures that we don’t realize many of our mishaps are simply happy accidents!

(Happy Accident)


Staff Spotlight

Billie B.


Billie Besco is the organizer (Business Manger) of Twistedsage Studios, sister to Brian and Brenda. She not only takes care of the paper work (computer work), shipping, ordering, and payroll, she helps to prioritize the team so orders get out in a timely manner. When not at the shop solving all of our issues, Billie likes to run around the country side with friends. It seems she is always on some sort of adventure, from coffee dates and errand running, to handy-lady work. Billie has an upbeat attitude that keeps everyone guessing what is coming next.

More to come~

The shop has been hopping busy! Orders are coming in at a steady rate as of late, and we could not be more thankful for all of you ordering and gathering information. Our silver tools are becoming more and more popular, new ideas and changes are in the making here at the Studio. We are working on plans that will bring all of you lovely beings into our physical space to really connect, something spectacular! We don’t know just how we want this to look yet, but just know it’s in the mix, when the time is right. We are also adding to our social media fun, if you haven’t already, check us out on Facebook and Instagram  We are sure having fun making short videos with TikTok @twistedsagestudios, Look us up on the app. Are you curious as to how we do something in the shop? Want to see where Brian does his best brainstorming?  Please feel free to message us on any and all platforms.