Mail Delivery

Mail Time!

Mail is ready for the Post Office! This is how we get all those glorious packages across town to mail out. The golf cart is loaded down with boxes and off they go!

Shop Helpers <3


Hey Everyone!

Hope you are all healthy and taking good care of each other out there. Since school has not been in session, the shop has gained some of the most lovely workers around! Our children have been stepping up and helping with EVERYTHING around the shop,maybe you have heard them in the background if you have called. They bring tons of energy and laughter to the building. Everyone at the shop has also became a teacher to help with home schooling, and the kids help with work, it is rather a nice trade!  What an adventure! <3

Sending Love <3

Hey Everyone!




Hope everyone is healthy and safe in whatever part of the world you are in! Even with all the chaos in the world, It has been business as usual here at the shop, we continue to fill orders and hold healing energy sessions for all beings. Our party table is overflowing with love that we are broadcasting in to the world.


Big Ring Polish~


POLISHING PARTY! We are quite the party animals! These three rings are to be placed on the top of the Pyramid that has become our new traveling booth. The rings need to shined up before hitting the road, what better excuse to be outside in the sunshine!


Brenda S.



Brenda Schnose is daughter, sister, mother, friend and critical component of Twistedsage Studios. All tools are anchored into the Etheric Field with the help of Brenda, as she is our local Intuitive. Brenda puts together all Sun Discs and Torus energy pieces that require attunement to the soul. Brenda offers different types of energy sessions available for the individual without purchase of a tool as well, which can be located in our Distance Healing section on our website.

When she is not doing sessions and putting together magical pieces for the shop, Brenda takes care of a cattle ranch with her husband. The ranch is located in paradise at the base of the Black Hills, on the rolling grass prairie lands. It is a full time job keeping cows happy; rain, shine or snow!