Ascension Grid Pyramid

Hi There!

Have you had the chance to check out our newest product? The Ascension Grid Pyramids have been build for the purpose of making energy grids around the world! These little babies are doing BIG work already and just waiting for you to join the fun! Check out more on energy grids and the grid currently in progress.

Ascension Grid


Vacuum Packing

Hey Everyone!

We are always looking to improve how we do things here at the shop, anything to make it easier, or faster, improve quality. In an attempt to ensure the safe arrival of your orders we are now vacuum sealing orders and triple checking items before they are sent out. Items will be sealed together in one bag. This has cut down on the use of plastic and ensures ALL items are safe and secure when they arrive at your doorstep.

Finally Friday!~

Hey Everyone!

Hope everyone is happy and healthy out there! It is finally Friday here at the shop, our catch up day of the week. We spend our Fridays finishing up all of our little projects we started earlier in the week. The shaker is even full and ready to roll. All packages for the week are filled and sent out, with the exception of just a couple orders that are waiting for items to be polished. The last couple orders will go out on Monday so we are able to start fresh all over again next week.


The Vision


Hi Everyone!

Things are a go for our outside project, and we are envisioning a brand new work space! This empty lot neighbors our current work space, a ton or so of gravel has been added, packed and leveled off. Brian and Donnie, our main contractor, are pictured here forming the vision and sharing it with a crew of workers. Things are starting to happen, and we could not be more happy! Stay tuned in for updates as we get going, progress pictures will be posted in blogs as we move along.