Tool Keeper~

Staff Spotlight

 Jennifer T.

Jennifer Tecklenburg joined the Twistedsage Family in June 2018, quickly putting her organizational skills to work around the shop. Jennifer organizes and keeps tabs on the travel boxes that get packed with the many tools and booklets needed for any workshops, seminars, and booths while on the road. These travel boxes are watched very closely, as tools like to sneak out, more on that later. Jenn is always busy around the shop answering customer questions, concerns, and helping with shipping. She puts together wands and dowsing rods, pours epoxy items such as cell tabs, drink coasters, wall plugs, the list goes on, she does it all! She has become Billie’s ‘Right Hand Man’ and Brian’s, shall we say,  ‘Left Hand Man’.  Thank goodness for her, she keeps them, I mean things, organized and flowing.



Shine On ~


Hey Everyone!

Hope all of you are making it through this holiday season with ease. We have been busy, busy here at the shop and we are loving it! Thanks to all of you for ordering and spreading the love! Take a peek at ‘The Giant’ shaker almost full and ready to roll! This is the final shining of most all our rings, the rings tumble around in a fine cob media for a good 12-14 hours. Once done with their tumble the rings are fished out of the cob and wiped down one last time with a super soft cloth, then Ta-Da! Ready for shipping.





The Generator Guy ~

Staff Spotlight


Isaac T.


Isaac Taylor joined the Twistedsage family in April 2018. Isaac quickly became known as the ‘Generator Guy’ around the shop, he has the patience of an artist! Isaac finishes most all our generators by making them all round and pretty before shipping them out. He also puts all the smaller generators(under 2 inches) together by himself from start to finish, as they are super tricky and require a large amount of patience and care. Isaac is pictured here with his hands full of today’s projects, and it looks like it’s break time! When not working Isaac can be found hanging out with family and friends, or making music. Isaac’s music creations are of a Soul Trance style/ video game bass sound, check him out at M.E.A.T. on SoundCloud at and at MEATMusicProduction on Facebook at or at his personal website .