The Vision


Hi Everyone!

Things are a go for our outside project, and we are envisioning a brand new work space! This empty lot neighbors our current work space, a ton or so of gravel has been added, packed and leveled off. Brian and Donnie, our main contractor, are pictured here forming the vision and sharing it with a crew of workers. Things are starting to happen, and we could not be more happy! Stay tuned in for updates as we get going, progress pictures will be posted in blogs as we move along.

Home Stretch

We are in the home stretch for schooling,the teacher is in the house and summer is around the corner! Woo! So many different things going on at the shop, from school work and packaging orders to adding new work stations, the energy is high and things are buzzing. We are so happy to have the nicer, warmer weather moving in so outside projects can begin. Upward and onward!

Back To Work!

( No Mary’s were Harmed in anyway while making this post, all in fun.)

See what happens around here when you try to bail out of work early?? Billie will catch you and chain you to your chair! Mary got caught trying to frolic away into the sunshine and leave the rest of us here to work, but not this day, Billie was watching. This could have happened to any of us, as we have all snuck away from time to time. Luckily, the day was almost over and Mary was freed shortly after this photo was taken.

Work from home

Hey There!

We have been business as usual around here, well sort of. We have been missing a very important team member here at the shop. Mike has been sent to work from home, for the safety of his family. Mike’s station has been packed into a box, and taken else where. He sneaks into the shop early mornings to pick up a days worth of work, then off he goes. No more telling people they can’t whistle to Pink Floyd, no more sneaking up on anyone or lurking, no one for Billie to plead with for more shinny rings, and no more playing  ‘how high can the pile go at Mike’s station’!? The sooner the world gets back to ‘normal’ the better! I am certain Mike is enjoying his family and gardening breaks at home, but we sure are missing his starry eyed shenanigans here!

Mail Delivery

Mail Time!

Mail is ready for the Post Office! This is how we get all those glorious packages across town to mail out. The golf cart is loaded down with boxes and off they go!