Shop Princess~



This is Maybe, she is the princess of the shop and she knows what’s good. Whenever a floor plate gets left lying around she always finds it and hangs out, a pup that demands comfort. Our animals respond to energy work and enjoy it as much as we do. Try using your own tools on your animal friends at home and see how they respond.

Summers End~

Hi Everyone!

Summer is coming to an end rather quickly! We are busy squeezing in the last bit of fun in the sun. We make it a point every year to take a day, or two, to unwind and focus on team fun. Every year looks a little different, many of us gather for fun in the sun together, while others take the day to mentally refresh. No matter what we end up doing, it is always a much needed break from the grind at the shop. It is very important to make the time to play and be carefree, it acts as a reset for us all.


To Be Welded~


Check out our welding station, it is loaded down and ready to go. It seems there is always an endless supply of projects here. Pictured is a bit of everything, we have some Dragon Wands, Gaia spheres, Gateway pieces, infinite hearts and some silver ready to be assembled.The welding process requires special attention to detail, as to be seamless as possible. All pieces are held in place by vice grips and are welded together before being placed in a pickle (acid) bath, to remove any residue. The pieces are then ran underwater to wash the acid off and the tools move to the next station.


Staff Spotlight



Hey There!

We would like to introduce our newest member, Anita Johnson, to the Twistedsage Studios Team! Anita came to work here about a month ago, and we are so happy that she has decided to stay with us, she has been a huge help catching us up with work at the polishing stations. Anita moved from New York to South Dakota to be closer to family. She has three adult children and a husband. Anita and her husband have a love for adventure and the great outdoors. They like to spend time out and about in nature hunting, fishing, and hiking.

Time Study~


Hi Everyone!

The shop has been steady busy lately, and the team has been creating tools like crazy! The orders keep coming and we are focusing on bringing new tools into the shop that will be available soon. Whenever it is decided to bring in a new tool, the tool will go through a creation process of brainstorming, putting together the vision, anchoring them into the etheric templates and then… THEN.. The team gets busy! Each team member is required to do a ‘time study’, this is the somewhat stressful part of creating. Each station (team member) sets a timer to see how long it takes to complete their part of the project. This process allows us to see how much time, materials, and energy it takes to put together the tools. This helps in gauging the prices of all our products, and we ALL feel like Miss Mary (pictured) when completed.